Do you have a love for music? Looking for a fun music related hobby? Interested in getting more involved? Are you trying to get your foot in the door with an outlet or maybe you are with another outlet and looking to make a change?  Are you always looking for the next new album or band and when you find it/them you want to tell everyone about them?  Do you constantly find yourself looking at websites and thinking you could be writing their stories or creating news/posting press releases?  Are you a photographer who’s passionate about telling a story with your camera or bring emotion from a live show through your photos?  Or maybe you are a person who wants to be involved but prefer being behind the scenes running social media or websites?

This post could be just what you are looking for!  We are searching for new people to join our site!

At Global Metal Mayhem (formerly YesterdazeNews) we have a friendly team of staff that volunteer their time and skills, writing about music, taking photos, etc.  We cover all kinds of music genres so we have a fit for everyone. We are based in Seattle, where most of our team is located.  We also have staff in Tampa.  We are growing and expanding into new markets and we are looking to add more staff to our team. Here’s your chance to become a part of the Global Metal Mayhem team.

At YesterdazeNews, we are all about keeping the music scene alive whether it be the locals or big name acts, we cover them all and want to give a voice to the music.  And while these are not paid positions (we actually don’t make any profit ourselves but are here for the love of the music and entertainment) there are other perks that may be available down the road. Here’s some further details on the positions we are looking to fill:

Open: Album Reviewer: We receive many albums for review from bands, public relations teams and record companies. Album reviewers must be willing to take chances on unheard of bands, upcoming known bands and the well-known names. We will supply you with mp3’s of the albums, all you need to do is listen and write your review! Your written reviews must be a minimum of 300 words and while we never expect that you will love every album you hear, we want you to be honest in your reviews by stating what you didn’t like about the album, but also to not trash any artist as music is art and is subjective and what you don’t like, someone else may love.  You must also agree to never upload or share the music you are provided with an online source or giving a copy to a friend as it’s a copyright violation and you can end up in serious legal trouble with artists and labels who own the music.

Closed: Editorial Assistant:  Review, edit and approve pending feature articles, show reviews, photos, album reviews.  Create press releases.  Gather and write stories from artist social media accounts and websites.  Publish PR press releases on website.

Open: Writer:  Write features, interview bands, review shows and review albums (if you desire).  Journalists will also write news reports for the website. These reports can come in the form of press releases (we will forward to you), social media posts or even other websites. No matter how the inspiration arrives, you must write them not just copy and paste unless it’s an official press release. In some cases, you will need to have the creative ability to create a 300-word news article out of a band’s simple Facebook post or even a photo. We would be looking to post as many news articles daily as possible.

Closed: Photojournalist:  Shoot shows, edit photos, write show reviews, conduct band interviews and review albums (if you desire).  Our photographers are required to have previous live concert shooting experience with a portfolio of work we can review.  We also require our photographers to have gear that can manage the demands from extra dark venues and constantly changing lighting situations (2.8f lens is necessary) and short as well as long lenses to be adaptable for working in a variety of venues (long lenses are required for large venues and festivals).

Closed: Social Media Engagement Guru:  Manage social media accounts.  Post links to stories on the website, interact with followers on social media accounts and moderate comments as issues arise or when followers post questions or comments.

Open: Videojournalist: Conducts video interviews with bands.

If this sounds like something you want to be part of send us a message with what you are interested in, what region you are in and tell us a bit about who you are and what you’ve already done.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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