Global Music Mayhem (formerly YesterdazeNews) is an entertainment site that got it’s start in Seattle, Washington covering the music scene. We cover music locally and across the globe. We also cover other areas around the world as time permits, most often festival season.  Our site is about more than just live gigs and album reviews, we also like to cover stories about projects outside of an artist’s main gig, films, books, gear, travel that has to do with worldwide gig travel, the NAMM Show, other entertainment stories when opportunities arise.

Why cover music?  We believe that we must do our part to keep the live music scene alive and be the bridge to connect fans and bands.  Starting off, there was a need to connect non-mainstream bands with readers, we have a love of bands that are just getting their start-up to the bigger known bands. We also enjoy tons of bands from around the globe and we had a hard time finding coverage about them, so we filled that niche ourselves. We cover as many shows as possible (although 2020 has crushed almost all of it), photograph and write about them.  People need to hear about bands that are making music today.  People also need to know about shows that are happening the new bands touring from around the world that aren’t getting radio play in the States because they aren’t part of the “commercialized select” that get most of the airplay and coverage.

If you have a story idea for us, want to connect with us for advertising, or if you want to partner with us as a label or PR to cover artists you represent, feel free to drop is a note through the contact link below.

Thanks for reading!

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