Swedish Metal Band Eleine Makes Their Electrifying Debut in Portland

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In the scorching spring heat of 90 degrees, the Bossanova Ballroom in Portland was transformed into a furnace of metal as the Swedish band Eleine took the stage for the first time in the Rose city. Despite the intense temperatures, the legion of dedicated fans showed unwavering support, creating an electrifying atmosphere that added to the already blazing energy of the performance.

As the lights dimmed and the stage came to life, the sweltering heat seemed forgotten as the opening notes of Eleine’s music filled the air. The band’s captivating presence instantly drew the audience in, their unwavering devotion apparent in the crowd of sweat-drenched faces.

Frontwoman Madeleine “Eleine” Liljestam defied the heat, emerging with an undeniable aura of power and grace. Her vocals, a mix of ethereal beauty and raw intensity, soared through the venue, effortlessly cutting through the stifling air. Her stage presence was undeniable, as she commanded the audience’s attention with every move and gesture.

Despite the uncomfortable conditions, fans stood strong, fully embracing the band’s performance. The conditions only seemed to fuel their passion, resulting in an atmosphere that was both electric and relentless. Fans shouted the band’s name, raised their fists, and fervently sang along to every song.

Eleine, too, showed their appreciation for the legion’s support. The band members, drenched in sweat themselves, pushed through the heat to deliver a powerful and unforgettable performance. Rikard Ekberg’s guitar riffs thundered through the venue, while Filip Stålberg’s bass and Jesper Sunnhagen’s drumming reverberated with unrelenting force.

The setlist included a blend of fan favorites and new material, each song delivering a fiery punch that resonated with the audience. Tracks like “Enemies,” “Ava of Death,” and “Death Incarnate” ignited the crowd, their energy reaching new heights. The legion’s loyalty was evident as they roared with approval, their dedication never faltering.

The band’s interaction with the fans was genuine and heartfelt. Madeleine expressed gratitude for the legion’s unwavering support and their resilience throughout their show. This connection between the band and the audience created a bond that only grew stronger as the night progressed.

As the final notes reverberated through the venue, the legion erupted into thunderous applause and cheers. The sweat-soaked crowd embraced the moment, fully aware that they had witnessed something special. Eleine’s first show in Portland was a triumph, leaving the legion in awe of their performance.

To the surprise of all fans, after the show, Eleine greeted their fans with an impromptu meet and greet where they took photographs and chat with every fan that waited to meet the band. This is part of the magic that surrounds Eleine. Not only do they do incredible live performances that embrace the legion of fans, but there is also genuine adoration for their fans.

Set List Portland:

As I Breathe
We Are Legion
Never Forget
All Shall Burn
Ava of Death
Where your Rotting Corpse Lie
Death Incarnate

Check out some of their performance live in Portland and photos from the show below.

Watch: Ava of Death Live Portland 2023:

Photo Gallery:

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