A Night Of Metal Mayhem With Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura, Wolfheart, and Thulcandra

Fleshgod Apocalyps
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Fleshgod Apocalypse, Obscura, Wolfheart, and Thulcandra brought pure chaos to Seattle’s El Corazon on Monday night. This night of metal mayhem brought a full crowd ready to release pent-up angst and lose themselves in the music.

The first band up for the evening were German death metal veterans Thulcandra. This was the first of two performances by frontman Steffan Kummerer who also fronts for Obscura. There was no delay for chaos in the crowd. As soon as the show started, the fans were pushing, shoving and running. This was just the beginning of a night of heavy moshing and fan comradery. Thulcandra packed their short set with maximum energy and killer songs! From “Deliverance in Sin and Death” to “Spirit of the Night”, Thulcandra was here to destroy! You can’t kick off a show much better than this. I only had one regret… It’s that their set ended so soon.

Watch Thulcandra Live at El Corazon:

Second up for the night was Wolfheart. When it comes to Finnish metal bands, we all know what to expect! Serious music, entertainment and a mosh pit! This held true for Wolfheart. From older songs “Ghost of Karelia” and “Aeon of Cold” to their newest “Skyforger” and “The King”, the band brought fans through their history and musical evolution. Throughout their set, the band members spoke of how great it was to finally be back on tour and in North America and thanked everyone for their support and for coming out to the show.

Watch Wolfheart Live at El Corazon:

With the fans fully warmed up and ready, German technical death metallers Obscura took to the stage and infused the night with succulent prog riffs paired with crashing drum beats and death growls that riled the pit into a full frenzy. While many were up front close to the stage to focus on the technicality in the riffs and watching every fine detail, others just behind them were headbanging and moshing away. Periodically, a few worn-down revellers trying to catch a breath from depleting too much energy from wild heroics in the pit could be seen holding on at the edge of the pit. Some were smiling and laughing while a few looked as though they’d met grave danger and had overestimated their resilience for survival. To me, that screams “it’s a great show!”

Watch Obscura Live at El Corazon:

Last, but definitely not least, the Italian symphonic death metal band Fleshgod Apocalypse took the stage with boisterous cheers from the fans below.  I’d had personally been waiting all night for the first vocal notes from Veronica Bordacchini. As a metal chick, I appreciate any chance I get to rage with other metal chicks, especially with her vocal range! I hate to say it, but it still holds true… even in 2023, we (ladies) are still very much the minority at most metal shows, but we are there nonetheless! Gone are the days of “my boyfriend/husband dragged me to this show” and in the here and now are… the chicks who bought their tickets, they came to mosh, they can growl, can shred that guitar, chug on the bass and make the boom boom like The Animal on a drum kit,  just like the bands on stage do. These are my metal people and my metal shows! Inclusive and getting more diverse by the year and this was represented by the fans that came out for this show.

I think the versatility in the style of music that Fleshgod Apocalypse creates lends to a special feeling in their stage shows too, not just musically but visually creative too. There was a visible connection between the fans and the music during this show. The way the band played with the audience (sometimes taking fan phones and making videos of themselves) throughout their set left me with the impression that this band, and the others on this lineup, love what they do and want to connect with the people who consume their music. They came ready to perform, were gracious to those who came out to see them and put on a fantastic show. What more could a metal fan ask for?

This tour is happening right now across North America. Get to a show if you can, you won’t be disappointed. Oh and say hello to Camden Cruz from Seven Kingdoms, he’s slinging merch on this tour! You never know who you’ll see in a tour crew, so make sure to pay attention!

Watch Fleshgod Apocalypse Live at El Corazon:

Photos… You can view full photo galleries from this show and past shows on our Flickr page here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/189619931@N02/albums

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