Dark Tranquillity, Kataklysm and Nailed To Obscurity Live In Seattle

Dark Tranquillity
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It’s been a long time coming, Dark Tranquillity’s return to Seattle. After a very long delay, due to covid, the Swedish melodic death metal band finally made their return to Seattle on February 15th along with Canada’s Kataklysm and for the first time ever, Germany’s Nailed To Obscurity! Locals openers were a metal outfit named Veriteras.

First up were the local openers Veriteras. This new to me metal band kicked the show off with some decent metal. Definitely a nice warm-up for what was to follow.

I could tell at the start of their set that many at the show were not familiar with Nailed To Obscurity, but that quickly changed as the band started their brutal musical assault on the audience. This was the first time the band has performed in Seattle and this was also their first US tour. The attendees started stirring the pit on the lower level and releasing their pent-up energy from the lack of gigs and live music. The band played many tracks from their latest album Black Frost with much delight from the crowd. By the end of their set, everyone knew this band’s name! Horns and fists in the air, the crowd cheered loudly as the band said their thanks and farewells.

Next up, a very well known name to Seattle metal fans, Kataklysm! The Canadian metal band really stirred the pit up and brought heavy aggression. The pit of violence made itself known and only those ready for the attack were willing to join in the circle. As I stood from above and watched with much shock, awe and delight, one of the guys in the pit came flying across the floor, falling backwards and slamming his head into the wall below. Stunned, he got up and walked away from the pit, but returned later in the evening to join the crowd once again. Kataklysm keep the brutality up for their set and helped fans continue to rejoice in the live music while working out their aggression. There were constant horns and fists in the air the entire set as fans were cheering and singing along.

The final band of the evening, Dark Tranquillity! It was really hard to see them have to delay their tour after the release of their 2020 album Moment. As with so many bands from everywhere, tours have been canceled and delayed more times than anyone wanted to happen. I was really happy to see them finally have the chance to take the stage and celebrate with Seattle fans and share songs off the new album. The one thing I couldn’t quite figure out the entire night, who was happier? Was it the fans or was it the band? There were so many smiles the entire evening from everyone that it was like a giant metal love festival! The band played some of their iconic hits, some new tracks and some older tracks they haven’t played on tour in years. One thing that was clear, everyone had a great time and it is never too soon for any of these bands to come back and play Seattle again. What a glorious night of live metal music.

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