Mike Tramp – Everything Is Alright

Mike Tramp
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Mike Tramp is set to release his latest album “Everything Is Alright” this Friday though Target Records.

What’s clear on this album from the very beginning is that he has defined himself and as singer/songwriter. His sound is distinctive and builds from each release to the next.

With “Everything Is Alright” there is cohesive progression from his 2020 release “Second Time Around” that feels like he’s picked up from where he left off. Long gone are the gritty and pitchy vocals of his White Lion days. What’s come since those days, heart felt songs that have a enjoyable and freeing feel with the voice of a true artist.

This new album encompasses the strength’s he has in his writing. The album is well balanced with a throwback feel almost reminiscent of early Petty and Dylan in the mix. Tramp’s style has become more sophisticated over the years while stripping his sound to the fundamentals of great music. He hasn’t forced anything in his sound and his newer works are well rounded to show a deeper side to him as a musician.

The music has more vulnerability while still being true rock n roll. While most of the tracks on the album take a slower pace, there are a few stand out tracks that lift album up with a boost of intensity and a bit of grit; “Give It All You Got”, “If I Live Tomorrow”, and “More To Life Than This.” I appreciate the honesty in the writing this far into his career and that he’s still taking chances in his music to give his fans a true listening experience.

Mike Tramp
Album: Everything Is Alright
Label: Target Records
Genre: Rock
Release: 21 May 2021
Rating: 4/5

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