Diamante – American Dream

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Boston-raised turned Los Angeles transplant and alternative rock artist Diamante returns to the scene with her independent sophomore album “American Dream.” The follow up to her debut album “Coming In Hot”, Diamante breaks out on this new album with no boundaries and complete artistic freedom.

In this eleven track album, Diamante bears herself to listeners both musically and lyrically. Each track is a personal diary of her own life and experiences that listeners can and will relate with while interpreting the music to their own lives. Vocally this album is packed with a raw energy and rage while lashing out at her own life history that unfolds like a the perfect story of discovery, insecurity, hate and finding one’s voice. Musically this album has moments of vulnerability, rocking riffage, and cinematic rhythms pressed up against intensity that demands the listeners attention while also giving space for a traditional alternative rock feel.

With this second release she’s allowed herself the moments of truth, fragility and strength not only in her music, but her own humanity. There are moments of complete rawness where she allows listeners into her most protected feelings that rip this album wide open and raise it up from simply an album to a true enlightenment of who she is an artist. On this album she also covers the Goo Goo Dolls hit song “Iris” with a nice duet version.

“American Dream” is singable, anthemic and a solid rock album with a fresh take.

Album: American Dream
Label: Self Release
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 7 May 2021
Rating: 4/5

Best Tracks: American Dream, Unfuck You


01. American Dream
02. Ghost Myself
03. Serves Your Right
04. Obvious
05. Unlovable
06. Wake Up Call
07. Unfuck You
08. I Love Myself For Hating You
09. Iris
10. Hopeless
11. Obvious (Acoustic)

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