WIG WAM Makes Their Return With A Livestream Release Show

Wig Wam
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Today, WIG WAM returned after a 8 year hiatus with a live release show on YouTube. The suspense waiting for the start felt like being at a live gig! Fans cheering for the band and talking to each other, but instead of in person it was all in the comment section for WIG WAM’s live release show stream for their new album “Never Say Die”.

As I entered the waiting room there were 12 of us longing for live music and a chance to see WIG WAM make their comeback. Slowly the numbers began to climb with fans from all over the world showing up, saying hello and where they were from. The room filled with the first 100, then 200, 300, 400, 600, then over 700 fans in all arrived. Fans were full of excitement, sharing stories about the band and their experiences with their music through the years and new fans who’d just discovered them with their single “Never Say Die”. The comradery was clear, the fans where there to share a moment with other music lovers and to get a dose of live music that we’ve all been missing so much.

As with many live shows, the show had a delay, at 10 minutes past the start time fans started chanting WIG WAM, WIG WAM, WIG WAM. The band checked in and said they were running a little behind and asked people to please be patient. Fans held on for the music, at 20 past the start time the show still had not started, allowing time for a few more fans to arrive while others begged for the show to start. One thing not missing, the anticipation for the show. Fans were charged up and ready for a great time!

Finally! At almost 30 minutes past the start time the countdown for the live event started and fans started cheering once again. WIG WAM had arrived! One by one a pair of boots stepped out of a limousine and onto a the red carpet as the band made their way into the venue. After a short announcement the band took to the stage and lit the screen up with massive amounts of pyro, energy and great music. Having been a fan of WIG WAM for many years, I found myself singing along while up on my feet dancing around! The energy and excitement from the other fans and music was infectious.

After the performance portion of the event the band took some questions from the fans during a Q&A session.

Wig Wam

Some highlights from the Q&A:

One of the funniest moments was when Trond Holter talked about the band name and deciding on it. It came down to two options, WIG WAM or Anal Drama, WIG WAM it was!

They found that during the covid19 pandemic they found less pressure to write, record and get the new album done because it allowed them time to do things without having a rush. So for the band it was a productive period.

When asked if what they would be doing if they weren’t making music Åge Sten Nilsen: Tranny Stripper, Øystein Andersen: Financial Analysis, Trond Holter & Bernt Jansen: making furniture.

Musically, the bands music is about celebrating life.

Any plans for a live album? Not ruled out, but they will think about it.

Are there any tour plans outside of Scandianvia? Germany in September.

What are the dream arenas they’d like to play? Tokyo Dome, Wembley, and Madison Square Gardens.

A quick dip into the snus containers the guys told viewers their favorite songs, Øystein Andersen & Trond Holter: “Never Say Die”, Åge Sten Nilsen: “Hypnotized”, Bernt Jansen: “Shadows of Eternity.”

What brought the band back together? Renewed friendship and time allowed the band to decide to come back together and reunite the band and then decided to start writing together for a new album.

WIG WAM also announced a live gig on February 28th at the Oslo Spectrum.


If you missed the event you can watch it below.

Watch the full event:

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