Asphyx – Necroceros

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Can you really go wrong taking a chance on any Asphyx release? I don’t think it is possible. With the latest addition, “Necroceros” it just throws fuel to the fire as to why this band is releasing their tenth studio album.

This album has definitely come at the right time after all of the 2020 melancholy and lack of aggression releasing pits to maim each other in, all in good fun of course! As we are settling into the uneasy outlook ahead for 2021 and start to realize that shows are still going to be scarce at best for most of the year, we at least have new music to help soothe the deep pain we are all feeling.

As I pushed play and “The Sole Cure Is Death” there was an immediate thrashing pulling my head straight into the music. I am always pointing out how I want an albums first track to just slap the listener and this is exactly what happened. As it started to fill my ears, my heart began to fill with happiness and sadness in the same moment. I started thinking how great it would be to jump in a pit with fellow metal lovers and crush each other like mortal enemies and best comrades just as the words “release the blood hounds” hit and the track tempo exploded with the pit energy that calls to every one of us so deeply. It was at that moment understood what kind of ride Asphyx was going to take the listeners on with “Necroceros.”

Track after track, it’s a manic ride with intense beats, chugging guitar riffs, deep bass grooves and screaming growls that will please even the pickiest of music fans. There’s a ton of aggression that unfolds throughout this album and consistent mayhem. I found myself wanting to immediately listen to “Molten Black Earth” a second time just from the sick guitar riffs on the track am hoping the band does a play through for this track. This is a solid album that will make a great addition to your own collection and be insane for live shows! Make sure to take it for a spin this Friday.

Album: Necroceros
Label: Century Media Records
Genre: Death-Doom Metal
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Rating:  4 of 5


The Sole Cure Is Death
Molten Black Earth
Mount Skull
Knights Templar Stand
Three Years of Famine
Botox Implosion
In Blazing Oceans
The Nameless Elite
Yield or Die

Necroceros was recorded at Tom Meier Studio as well as at Paul Baayens’ The Mörserstudio.
Mixed/mastered by Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann at Greenman Studios.
The album features cover art by Axel Hermann.

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