Red Cain – Kindred: Act II

Red Cain
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Canadian dark progressive metal band Red Cain is set to release their second studio album “Kindred: Act II” this Friday.

It’s heavy on the prog, but also to me felt more like prog meets industrial with a bit emo feel which is also why I felt compelled to call them dark progressive because they don’t truly fall into the prog-metal genre in the traditional sense. With that being said, there are definitely progressive elements littered all through this release.

Having never heard this band before, I would have guessed they were either Swiss or German based on sound alone. Saying this, to me they feel a bit like a younger version of Rammstein mixed with Hell Boulevard, with added progressive elements.

The album itself, feels proggy, a bit experimental while putting forth some heavy tracks, massive riffs, crunchy bass, and ample blasting beats matched to deep power vocals. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on what they’ve done with this release because there is so much taking place, but I rather enjoyed. I found they broke many of the stereotypical beliefs of the prog genre to make it their own while giving themselves the room to fully explore their writing style and take the risks many bands do not take. There were even heavy almost EDM tracks on a few of the tracks, “Kindred” being one of them that has a beat that makes you want to get up, dance and lose yourself.

I think Red Cain took the right chances and put forward a interesting release that will challenge the listeners to catch everything they’ve put into making this album. It’s definitely not a one listen and you’ve got it album. It is a listen multiple times to catch what you missed each time before type of album. Give this one a chance and see if you don’t love it yourself.

Red Cain
Album: Kindred: Act II
Label: Self-Release (Digital)/ Sliptrick Records (Physical)
Genre: Dark Progressive Metal
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Rating: 4 of 5

Red Cain

Track Listing:
1. Kindred (5:06)
2. Demons (4:40)
3. Precipice of Man (5:18)
4. Baltic Fleet (4:53)
5. Varyag and The Shrike (5:54)
6. Sons of Veles (5:01)
7. Sunshine (Blood Sun Empire) (5:49)
Album Length: 36:45

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Evgeniy Zayarny, Tyler Corbett, Taylor Gibson
• All songs written by: Evgeniy Zayarny, Tyler Corbett, Taylor Gibson
• Produced by: Evgeniy Zayarny, Tyler Corbett
• Mixed by: Tyler Corbett
• Mastered by: Tyler Corbett
• Album Artwork by: Timur Khabirov & Piotr Jamroz
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

Album Band Line Up:
Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals
Tyler Corbett – Guitars
Taylor Gibson – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals
Carlos Cruz – Guitars
Andrei Buldan – Guitars
Taylor Gibson – Drums

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