Jeff Pennachio – Setting The Stage

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For the music fans who love to deep dive into riveting instrumental tracks with emotion stirring guitar riffs, Jeff Pennachio has something incredible to offer you!

Having not come across this artist before I wasn’t sure what to expect and pressed play on the first track “Wilson Theater.” As it opened with a light symphonic intro that faded into a piano I wasn’t sure where this artist was going to take me until it hit :36 seconds into the track and an intent and emotional guitar started to cry out to me. I was immediately overcome with such an unexpected and overwhelming feeling of mixed emotions. Without words, this song spoke to me while captivating my interest to hear more as it unveiled one layer on top of the next until reaching the final plateau filled with a final explosion of guitars and drumming then began to fade away.

As the experience moved onto the second of three tracks it was filled with large riffs and quick chord changes and tons of intricate progressions messed into bass filled drums, pianos arrangements and underlying bass melodies to bring it all together.

The final track on this EP started out with more symphonic keyboard tracks, mixed in with more traditional piano keys while having an almost inter galactic feel to the track. The bass had a heavy, intent, almost nudging feel like it was saying, keep listening there is something bigger is coming. And, that was exactly what it meant as the guitars waxed and waned while the music told it’s own story. One very intense and ridiculously delicious musical story.

Instrumental releases for me are hit or miss, most often a miss for me. “Setting The Stage” was a hit for me. What an unpredictable and stunning piece of work. It’s definitely rock, but had to really place it in a specific sub-genre, but for the musical lovers out here, this one is for you.

Self-releasing on Friday, you should definitely hunt this release down and enjoy the technical mastery, emotion and music.

Jeff Pennachio
Album: Setting The Stage (EP)
Label: Self Release
Genre: Rock
Release Date: January 22, 2021
Rating: 5 of 5

Jeff Pennachio

Wilson Theater
The Voyager

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