New Video: Heljarmadr – Transcending into a God

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Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Grá) has release a new music video for his single “Transcending into a God.”

The single was part of a collective art project in his name.

You can get a copy of his single from Carnal Records, Non Serviam Records, straight from the Grá guys or from Eldur.

Kristján Einar Guðmundsson.
Jonas Backe.

Filmed by Jonas Backe, Vediger, Macarena Ayarza and Heljarmadr
on locations in Sweden, Chile, Ukraine and Taiwan.
Produced, directed, cut and edited by Jonas Backe and Heljarmadr.

Line up:
Guitars, vocals, piano, percussion.
Kristján Einar Guðmundsson:
Gustaf Hielm:
Christopher Edward Brown:
Jonas Backe:
Additional guitars.

Recording info:
Drums recorded at UnStudios (Reykjavik, Iceland).
Guitars recorded at Heljarmadr Studios (Stockholm, Sweden).
Bass recorded at Heljarmadr Studios (Stockholm, Sweden).
Vocals recorded at Orange Studio (Santiago, Chile).
Cello recorded at Kakophonix Studios (California, USA).
Edited by Eldur and Heljarmadr.
Mixed by Terry Nikas at Zero Gravity Studios (Athens, Greece).
Mastered by George Nerantzis (Athens, Greece).

Heljarmadr choir:
Heljarmadr, Macarena, Jonas, Juan Pablo, Vindkall, Eldur, Sylvia.
Recorded in Sweden, Iceland and Chile.

Heljarmadr logo by Roberto Toderico.

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