Hell Boulevard – Not Sorry

Hell Boulevard
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Hell Boulevard

The Swiss quartet Hell Boulevard are back with another dose of their industrial style music coined as goth’n’roll with “Not Sorry”.

With this new release fans will continue to follow the bands sound progression with a number of sifferent elements added to the sound that we didn’t get from the 2018 release, “In Black We Trust”. I felt with this album there is a natural progression for the band with exploration of what to do with their style.

As with the past releases, there are stand out tracks that are filled with energy and intense tempos that felt a bit more heavy industrial. I wish there would have been more tracks of that style on this release. When they are on target with that combination they are a band that demands attention. You’ll find that with the tracks “Not Sorry”, “Death to the Future” and “Where is Your God Now”.

The other tracks on the album were more downbeat tempos with a dramatic feel to them, or should I say more typical goth style. Personally, I would have liked more energy in this release, but its good see the band back with new music and I hope as they continue to progress in the future they will lean a bit more in the heavy direction because they do it so well and it’s worth fully exploiting it.

This album is definitely all mood! Goth’s will really enjoy this release and those who dig more mainstream industrial, there’s something in this album for you too. Go give this a listen when it releases on September 18th. I’ve included their video for the title track below and it’s also my favorite track from this new album.

Artist: Hell Boulevard
Album: Not Sorry
Label: Nocut/SPV
Genre: Industrial Goth Rock
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Rating: 3 of 5

Watch “Not Sorry”

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