NOX ROCKS LIVE! August 22 Feat. Candlemass, Easy Action, Thundermother, Scarlet and All Star Rockers NOX-Kings Band

NOX Rocks
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Heads up music lovers… There’s a great live event set to happen this weekend (August 22nd, 9:00PM CET, Central European Time) that you can attend through a live virtual experience.

The all star line up for this event means a great rock show! While some need no introduction… a few others might to fans around the globe that haven’t taken a deep dive into the Swedish rock scene. So let me lay it out for you and add my own insights on a few of these artists.

Candlemass – Do they really need any introduction? For being a Swedish artist, they are world renown and fans across the globe have come out to catch them on their tours. But just incase you need some convincing… I’ll just let their music speak to you.

Easy Action – This is a band I fell into as a teen after falling face first into the Swedish music scene. The bands music spoke to me early on and before I had a chance to see them live, they went on an indefinite hiatus. Last year, as luck would have it, they put the band back together and did a short tour run and a festival appearance and Sweden Rock Festival and I finally got to experience that live moment.  Easy Action features Tommy Nilsson on vocals and former Europe guitar player Kee Marcello. So if you are like me and never had that chance to see them live or if you’re just hearing their name for the first time, this is a band that’s still got it and puts on an incredible live show. So live in person or live virtually, they are worth your time!

Thundermother – BADASS rock n roll! These women know how to rock! They’ve got a new album out and are ready to heat your houses up so grab a few beers and turn it up loud! They will definitely come ready to rock. The question is, will you be able to handle it?

Scarlet – We’ve talked to you about Scarlet before. As an unheard to many of you, I can say she’s the heavier sound in this lineup with a more metal sound infusion. This is a performance that will push the limits and provide viewers with a really great experience. I’ve had the opportunity to see Scarlet live and the do a show that’s pretty rad! Check out her new video that just came out and tune in for the entire gig so you do not miss this performance!


And if this line up is not already amazing enough… there’s a twist, an all star band the NOX Kings-band featuring some well know Swedish artists and Jeff Scott Soto! I can’t say much about the music because this is a new experience for me as well, but just looking at the list, I already know to expect something really good from them. So join me with a first time experience with this new band and all the others that are not new to me but may be to a few of you.

The NOX Kings-band:
Guitar: Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall)
Bass: Pontus Egberg (Treat, King Diamond)
Drums: Johan Kullberg (Wolf, Therion)
Keyboard: Joakim Svalberg (Opeth)

Guest vocals:
Jakob Samuel (The Poodles, Kryptonite)
Anders Engberg (Sorcerer)
Nils Molin (Dynazty, Amaranthe) and
Thomas Vikström (Therion)

Guest performance:
Jeff Scott Soto (ex. Talesman, Sons of Apollo, S.O.T.O

The show will be hosted by Anders Tengner and Jovan Radomir.


Ticket Details and Local USA Times!

Tickets are available now at If you are in the USA a ticket will cost you $19 USD. The show starts at 9:00PM CET (Central European Time). For those in the USA that is Sweden local time which is +9 hours ahead of the Seattle/Los Angeles (so you need to dial your times back and are looking at 3:00PM EDT, 2:00PM CDT and 12:00PM PDT in the USA). The event will be 4 hours so show up ready to rock!


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