August Burns Red – Guardians

August Burns Red
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August Burns RedAugust Burns Red
Album: Guardians
Label: Fearless Records
Genre: Metal/Metalcore
Release: April 3, 2020
Rating: 4 of 5

Metalcore ragers August Burns Red are back with a new release ‘Guardians’. Out this Friday, April 3rd via Fearless Records, the band is back to get you on your feet raging!

In this new release there are many elements for listeners to appreciate. From odd and creative timings, frenetic drumming, intense grooves, memorable hooks, soul gripping vocals and powerful delivery. These guys are back with a strong album.

The album was written around the concept of being there for another person who’s reaching out for help. They hadn’t planned to write it that way, but once the entire album came together there was a clear theme flowing through the album that fits with everything going on today.

Guardians opens up with the first track, The Narrative, that immediately lets the listener know the experience they are about to have. It’s powerful, intense and explosive. This feel of the music continues through the entire listening experience for the 49:46 running time of the album.

Listen to Paramount:

What is clear about August Burns Red with this new release, they have defined their sound and continue to release albums that listeners will want to hear. Their music will connect with listeners on a much deeper level that simply listening to an album. Their lyrics have depth, will resonate with listeners and have a genuine message.  They won’t simply have you on your feet absorbing the music, they will leave you with a feeling of connection and understanding that many of us are in the same place in our lives and looking to reach out for help or help others.  It’s music that connects and music that heals.

The album closes with a track that goes from a subdued calm to a manic to burst of power with, Three Fountains. It’s the perfect way to wrap up this musical experience.

Final thoughts: August Burns Red has delivered a genuine album that will connect with their listeners and new listeners who are just discovering them. It’s an album worth spinning and will be an experience many have been in need of.

The Narrative
Dismembered Memory
Ties That Bind
Extinct by Instinct
Empty Heaven
Three Fountains

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