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Slayer The Repentless Killogy
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Slayer – The Repentless Killogy

On a scale of boring Keeping Up With the Kardashians to vomit inducing Kill A Kardashian…. Slayer is going to level the audience who dares to watch this film, first with the slasher brutality, that went into the darkest of emotionally riveting slayings to just an all slasher festival. Secondly, with a killer live performance.

With a solid half an hour that could be summed up as Tipper Gore’s worst nightmare and everything she railed against in the late 80’s where music was concerned, this is one film the fans are absolutely going to love. Being that Slayer hail from Tipper era, I am sure this isn’t going to go over well with her today, it may even spark her return campaign to censor music.

Opening Scene

As the film kicks off the scene shows a dead man on the floor then all hell breaks loose as the first or three Slayer performances (“You Against You,” “Repentless,” and “Pride in Prejudice”) starts to roll and a violent fight begins. The brutality is fierce and equally as manic as the music tempo, ending with a moment every guy is going to collectively let out a loud gasp of pain to as he main character, Wyatt a former Neo Nazi (played by Jason Trost), thrusts a hunting knife into the genitals of the guy he’s fighting.

From that moment on the film becomes a full insane slasher, horror and mayhem flick. As the movie continues on, Wyatt is taken to prison and enter, Danny Trejo! From there, it goes back into another Slayer track and another manic slasher fighting scene, that could easily be a visual of what it feels like in every single Slayer pit that has every opened up at a live gig! While you may not have your head severed off or your eyes gouged out, you sure can exit the pit covered in blood and have some battle scars to share your Slayer pride!

Wyatt Enters Prison
Slayer The Repentless Killology

As the scene progresses, Wyatt and Trejo manage to get smuggled out of prison by the next character Luther, who appears to be some sort of crime boss. Taken to a house in the middle of nowhere the scene picks up as they try to have Wyatt kill Trejo, but as he refuses to do it, they introduce Wyatt’s love interest and slay her in front of him in retaliation to his refusal to kill Trejo.

At this point I suddenly felt ill and even thought to myself, I am definitely going to have nightmares tonight! The ultimate brutality with the neck slitting of a pregnant woman and a knife being plunged into her stomach into her baby then followed up with such additional brutality, I honestly had to look away.

I haven’t felt that sick watching anything since Negan popped Glenn’s eyes out of his head as he bashed his skull in on The Walking Dead. This type of gore, slash mayhem is not really my thing. I did well in the beginning when all the slasher scenes were set to music, not as deviously dark and there weren’t any slasher sound effects.

Slayer Thrashing During Prison Scene
Slayer The Repentless Killology

After the slashing of his woman my worst nightmare followed, the slasher sound effects started. All the wet and gooey gore sounds. Enter the urge to vomit again. At this point, Wyatt was on a hell bound rage to hunt down Luther and slay him. Anyone who became a hurdle to his quest, was taken out, except with one person whom he was able to get similar payback for what had happed to his woman and baby.

The last slashing scene of film was left to Jessica Pimentel as Wyatt called in a favor to exterminate Luther. In this last scene of the film, Luther is seen trying to access Slayer’s dressing room but Pimentel shows up and they struggle over his gun and she manages to shoot him. Enter Slayer walking out of the dressing room looking confused as they see a photo with all their faces that appears to be a hit list. Away from the venue she walks.

Slayer Hit Card
Slayer - The Repentless Killogy
Photo credit Andrew Stuart

In the final scene Wyatt and Trejo drive away off to change the future as a narrative in Trejo’s spoken voice ends with one final sentence, “And our action remains now and forever Repentless.”

Roll credits then the fans are taken into a live recored performance of Slayer at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The volume in the film increases exponentially and the show rages on for one hell of a live performance!

After a long and tenuous world tour leading up to their last gig in Los Angeles at the end of this month at the Wiltern Theater, what better way to wrap up a multi-decade career of slaying music fans? This is probably one of the best ways to go out! Go forth and SLAY!

Watch the trailer here:

The Repentless Killogy stars: Jason Trost, Danny Trejo, Richard Speight, Jr., Derek Mears, Jessica Pimentel, Tyler Mane, Bill Moseley, Caroline Williams, and Sean Whalen. Part two: Slayer!


In January 2018, thrash titans SLAYER devastated metalheads across the globe announcing they were calling it a day, along with a mammoth final world tour. After 37 years, 12 studio releases, five Grammy nominations and two wins, an abundance of Gold albums and “Best…” awards from media outlets all over the world, including Kerrang!, SPIN, Metal Hammer, Revolver, Loudwire and Esquire, Slayer’s place in music history is secure as one of The Big Four (alongside Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax): they helped define the thrash-metal genre. Even among peers of that quality, Slayer still proudly stands alone and remains one of the most influential bands in heavy metal history. With Tom Araya’s unmistakable vocals, Paul Bostaph’s hostile drums, Kerry King and Gary Holt’s slaughtering guitar riffs, and nasty as fuck lyrics, Slayer continues to whip its fans into anarchistic, antichrist-fueled frenzies unmatched by any other act on the planet. Not many bands can add being banned from the Hollywood Palladium and Madison Square Garden for twenty-five years to their resume.

Throughout Slayer’s history, the band has never faltered in unleashing its extreme and focused sonic assault, and has remained crushing and brutal, steadfastly refusing to cater to the mainstream. Slayer’s founding member, guitarist Jeff Hanneman passed in 2013, and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt has been filling in for him since. Paul Bostaph, who was Slayer’s drummer from ’94 – ’01, rejoined bassist/vocalist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King in 2013, and is back behind the kit to the very last show.

In January 2018, Slayer announced they were calling it a day and would be doing one final world tour to thank its fans for their support over the years. Launched on May 10, 2018, by the time the 18-month tour wraps on November 30, 2019, Slayer will have said goodbye to fans in 30 countries around the world and in 40 U.S. states. All Hail Slayer.

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