Eloy – The Vision,The Sword And The Pyre (Part II)

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EloyEloy – The Vision,The Sword And The Pyre.

This was a tough album for me to get into. First the album is built around telling a story, but the particular styling of the music and vocals didn’t resonate with me. There were odd timings I couldn’t get comfortable then and odd vocal tick that when mixed with the timing really distracted me from being able to get comfortable with the music.

It’s trippy of a vibe and too different from the subgenres of rock I tend to gravitate to, so this album didn’t work for me.

Final thoughts, this is an album I have to pass on. I didn’t enjoy the really experimental feel of the album. If that’s your thing, give it a shot, but it’s not something I can personally recommend.

Album: The Vision,The Sword And The Pyre (Part II)
Label: Artist Station Records
Genre: Rock
Release Date: October 11, 2019
Rating: 2.5 of 5