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UNE MISÈRE - SermonUNE MISÈRE is one of those bands you shouldn’t judge the book by the cover. At first glance you’d think they are some sort of wannabe stadium rock band. They look nice, a little edgy…. so easily by a glance one might simply shrug them off as and organic coffee loving, hipster type. (Well they are from Iceland, that last part could easily be true too!) But that’s where in similarity stops.

I actually missed seeing this promo in my inbox, shame on me! But thanks my friend who runs the Iceland Wacken Metal Battle, I saw a post about this one releasing today and had to rush to grab it, because I know if he’s recommending it, it’s hardcore and worth a listen. And yes, this one was well worth the listen.

This album has actually left me wondering, as I asked myself while listening, what the hell has happened in Iceland to give these guys such rage? Their music plays out like a blood freezing plague. The level of rage was kind of terrifying yet exciting at the same time. This isn’t just another album release, this is so insanely heavy that I was instantly loving this album. They did everything right in this album that I am usually complaining about on new releases I had trouble with or just completely hated.

From the opening note on “Sin & Guilt”, it was intense and grabbed my attention then ripped open with such heavy raging vocals that I started shaking my head and laughing at the same time. I was actually stunned. All albums first tracks should immediately grab you like this, especially with this genre, if not, then you completely miss the mark with the majority of listeners. What’s that saying, you only get one chance at a first impression… yes, true with albums too.

If I hate the opening of the first track, there’s a good chance I am walking away from the album or I am just going to skim through the album quickly to get it over with. Not with this album, I wanted to hear every last drop of this one. And again, with each track, I kept asking myself… how does anyone in Iceland have this much rage? So much so I actually Googled “Why is there so much rage in Iceland”. Yes, I did. Sorry to tell you, I couldn’t find anything more than how much they hate tourists who come there and behave badly, but what nation doesn’t? So now I am going to be on a mission to discover where the depths of rage in this album came from exactly! But I digress.

With lyrics like “pierce my eyes out and blind me”, “you’re looking at a dead man” and “sink into darkness” in the track “Burdened // Suffering” matched with the most soul hollowing screaming vocals, this album just kept delivering one punch of rage after the next.

There’s so much to love as this album continues to unfold! Manic tempos with blast beats, then slow downs that just have this heavy ass bass, distorted riffs, and the non stop angry as hell vocals. This album live will incite the wall of death, the terrifying pits from hell with injury inducing kidney punches. Prepare yourselves to be battered, bruised and bloodied if you enter the pit with this band. I can honestly say, this is one band I will have to pass jumping in the pit for! But do I ever want to see UNE MISÈRE live.

Do I even have to give you my final thoughts on this one? Just go get this one and let the punishment and rage flow. Wow, what an album. It’s rare I get this taken off guard by a band I am not familiar with today, but they sure did it! Next time I am in Iceland, I will be looking at everyone a bit differently! This one’s going to stay in rotation for a long time!

Album: Sermon
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genre: Blackened Hardcore / Aggressive Metal
Release Date: November 1, 2019
Rating: 5 of 5

SERMON track listing:

SERMON was produced and mixed by Sky van Hoff (EMIGRATE, RAMMSTEIN, etc) with mastering completed by Svante Forsbäck. The album was engineered by Marco Bayatl, Sky Van Hoff and Marco Kollenz. The album artwork was created by Niklas Sundin (DARK TRANQUILLITY)

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