VA ROCKS – I Love VA Rocks

VA Rocks Ida Svensson Vollmer
VA Rocks, Photo by Jonas Persson
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VA ROCKS - I Love VA RocksVA ROCKS – I Love VA Rocks. Can I just leave this review with the album title? I mean that’s exactly how I feel after listening to this album. Out today via Metalville Records. VA Rocks pulled no punches.

For me, I’ve always been harder on women in rock than any musical genre. Why? Because you can’t rest on your looks in this industry, as a woman in this industry I know it only gets you so far. If you look good but sound like crap or lack the talent must have, the industry will eat you alive. I think there’s too many chicks in rock that feel their looks should trump their talent, wrong. The talent is always the most important thing. And that’s a hard pill for many to swallow. So when I get my hands on album like this one, I sing it’s praises.

For those of you who’ve followed us for a while, you know we have talked about this band before. We’ve made the point to see them live and chat with them too and we keep coming back to them. There’s a reason, they are serious musicians making some serious music and still having a great time doing it! Do not get me wrong, they do not take themselves to seriously, but when it comes to make great music they are the complete professionals.

From the opening track “Nmftg Intro”, it is clear that this band is back and ready to shake things up and that’s exactly what they have done. Coming off their last release “Pull No Punches”, they’ve stepped up their musical game by delivering a loud, hard rocking album that screams women in rock kick ass. This isn’t my grannies rock, this is straight up… kick your chair out from under your ass and get onto your feet jammin Rock N’ Roll with a bit of punk flavor.

The differences from the last album to this one are clear. The writing is stronger and more intense, there’s more confidence in the music that clearly carries through to the final output. One thing I did have issues with on the last album was the production and final mix because it sounded to me that Ida’s vocals were mixed into the tracks too much to where they almost felt like the background to the track instead of leading the way. I am thrilled to say that on this album, that’s no longer the issue. Her vocals are glorious as well as front and center. You will be thankful too, she’s got amazing and powerful vocals that need to be heard.

What about the music? So many great elements pop up through this entire album. It’s not the typical rock album we keep getting fed over and over today. It’s original, energetic and fun. Then there’s these cool elements like a banging piano parts, big drumming, intense riffs. It’s the feel good rock genre album of the year for me! I’ve been waiting for a rock album to feel great like this one. I have to say, that of all the bands out there that I’ve personally followed, I am really happy this is final product. I couldn’t have asked for a better album from VA Rocks. Now… they have set the bar really high for their next one.

Final thoughts, ??? BOOM! This album rocks! ??? You need this one in your collection! And you need to see this band live because their live shows are just as wild as this album is. BRAVO VA Rocks, splendid album! STORT GRATTIS!

Album: I Love VA Rocks
Label: Metalville Records
Genre: Rock
Release Date: October 18, 2019
Rating: 5 of 5

I Love VA Rocks Tracklisting:
Nmftg Intro
No More Fucks To Give
The Code of the Road
Gonna Get You
Rebel Blood
Hit the Road
Romeo & Juliet
Here Comes Trouble
Never in a Million Years