Refused – War Music

Photo by Sara Almgren
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Refused - War Music CoverartRefused – War Music. Umeå, Sweden punk is back!! This is an album I was excited to get my hands on! Out tomorrow via Spinefarm Records this is one you need to get your hands on. I won’t even save my final thoughts to the end, just add this to your list and go get it! Now onto why….

Refused have long been know for their philosophy and boundary-breaking rebellion against political and economic oppression, the patriarchy and the traditional social values that proliferate those paradigms. So this album is a big dose of in your face angst against everything happening in this world today. There’s grit and rage to the vocals that cut you to the core from the very beginning, so if you think you can sit back and space out, forget that notion right now.

With humanity damning lyrics like “Economy of death determines the narrative it needs. Apocalyptic propaganda, a neo-liberal scheme. Lapdogs of tyrants collude to further their fucking greed. You sit at home refreshing the end of history feed.” You know the Refused have thought their lyrics out and mean to take direct aim and all the garbage happening in around the globe. It is the anthem album of the 21st Century!

This album also has that effervescent throw back of the Punk glory days. At times I even heard what sounded almost like a few genre blending Oingo Boingo ska tracks at the opening on a few tracks. There were so many elements that I didn’t expect to hear in this album that when all wrapped together make for one hell of a listening experience that also makes this album memorable.

After having such a long hiatus from making new music I didn’t think they’d be back but after their return in 2012 and subsequent release of ‘Freedom’ in 2015 proved the world’s been in need of an awakening. The Refused have delivered that yet again with ‘War Music’. No one is left unscathed with this one, you can try to run and hide, but they will call you out directly!

Final thoughts, ha! I gave those to you at the beginning, now go buy this album!


Refused - War Music Logo

War Music Tracklisting:
Violent Reaction
I Wanna Watch the World Burn
Blood Red
Turn the Cross
Damaged III
Death in Vännäs
The Infamous Left
Economy of Death

Album: War Music
Label: Spinefarm Records
Genre: Punk
Release: October 18, 2019
Rating: 5 of 5

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