Vein Plays El Corazon In Seattle

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On September 20, experimental hardcore juggernauts Vein came to play a show in Seattle. The band brought along a solid group of bands to perform alongside them. The touring support came from Modern ColorHigher Power, and Soft Kill. Doors for the show opened at 6:00 PM with the show starting at 7:00. Before the doors even opened a long line wrapped around the building. The crowd was ready for a night of pure insanity and good music.

First up for the evening was Modern Color from Redondo Beach, California. The band kicked off their set with a high paced song that got the audience moving around. The band had a bit of a pop punk sound mixed with alternative rock. The crowd was loving it as many began to jump around and sing along. Their set went on for a half an hour and was a perfect way to start off the night. Modern Color puts on a great performance for any fan of rock. Check them out live!

Next up was Higher Power from the United Kingdom. There was a lot of buzz going around the venue about these guys before their set. It was their first time in Seattle and the crowd was ready to show them their energy. As soon as the band walked out on stage the crowd erupted in cheer, and the floor immediately turned into a mosh pit. The band was loving the energy from the crowd and fed off it throughout the set.

When their half hour set came to a close, the band thanked the crowd for coming out early and invited them for pictures at their merchandise booth. The crowd made sure to get back there and talk to the band and thank them for their performance. Higher Power has only been around for four years and they are making a big impact in the hardcore scene. When these guys announce a show near you, make sure to be there.

Following that set was Soft Kill. When the band came out on stage, the band members stood with their backs to the crowd. During the introduction of their first song, the band flooded the stage with fog and gave off light from lights in front of their amps. The atmosphere the band was setting made them seem very mysterious. Their sound reminded many audience members (myself included) of Depeche Mode. Throughout their 40 minute set, the bands tone and rhythm got the crowd to start dancing.

When their set came to a close, the audience gave the band a massive round of applause. Soft Kill puts on a very unique show. The atmosphere they create is something you won’t forget. Check them out live when they play a city near you!

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Vein!!!!! While the stage hands were helping set up for the set, the crowd was packing in the floor. Throughout the soundcheck you could see the crowd getting anxious for the band to take the stage. When the lights went out, the crowd erupted and in no time, all hell was breaking loose. The floor turned into a mosh pit that looked more like a battleground! The band kicked off their set with their song ‘Untitled‘ off of their critically acclaimed album “Errorzone“.

After that song. the band went straight into playing ‘Broken Glass Complexion‘. Vocalist Anthony DiDio was riling up the crowd during the song by running back and forth across the stage and even throwing himself into the audience! As soon as DiDio did his first stage dive, the crowd made use of the stage and began getting on stage to jump as well. Not long after the band finished that song, the band began to have some technical difficulties with microphones. Nevertheless, the band continued to power through and the crowd made sure to help when the mic went out by singing along.

Throughout the set, the band seemed to go a million miles per hour and they never let up. Towards the end of their set, the band took a brief break before they came back out for an encore. The bands encore kicked off with their hit song ‘Virus://Vibrance‘. The crowd lost it as soon as the first few notes were played! DiDio kept telling the crowd to get moving and get going. The crowd was more than happy to do so. The final two songs of their set were ‘Doomtech‘ and ‘Progenitor‘. Those final songs nearly tore the house down!

When the set was finished the crowd was left standing in awe of what they had just witnessed. Vein puts on a show unlike any other. The amount of energy the band brings to their live shows is mind blowing! When these guys come to your city make it a point to get out to their show. You will be blown away and I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.


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