Frontback – Don’t Mind The Noise

Photo by Rebecca Nielsen
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Album: Don’t Mind The Noise

Label: Black Lodge Records
Genre: Rock / Hard Rock
Release Date: October 25, 2019
Rating: 5 of 5

Frontback is back this month with a new release, ‘Don’t Mind The Noise’. One of my favorite up and coming rock bands from Sweden has once again cemented the reason I dig them so much, by delivering a juicy new album.

Why should you pay attention to this band? For starters, it’s a fearless female fronted rock band with vocals that sound like a mix of Chrissie Hynde meets Dale Bozzio and then Anlo Front‘s personal touch making her voice original and distinct. Their music is punchy, pure rock with intensity that demands your attention.

From front to back, this album is packed full of great music. Intense tempos, vocals that make you want to sing also and just an over all feel good musical jolt that will have up on your feet moving. Slick and intent melodies, powerful guitar solos, sneaky added elements that make you go back to hear them again, punchy beats to impress even the toughest critics out here, and come on… if you’ve seen my reviews lately you can tell I’ve struggled with many releases that have just failed to impress and have left me underwhelmed. Not this time and I thank you Frontback!

The band has stayed true to their sound on this album and has just pushed out another well written, performed and produced album. I honestly couldn’t find anything to pick apart in this album. It’s a true progression of their sound and writing. I throughly enjoyed this one.

As for my personal favorite tracks, that’s easy “I Arrive When You Go” delivers a crazy tempo and vocal intensity that really surprised me.  “Back to Hell” had a great hook with great lyrics that scream the anthem of anyone who’s ever been wronged and a kick of sass to it. Lastly, “Movin On”, the intro has this almost Aerosmith‘s “Sweet Emotion” vibe to it before it breaks open to some great rock that only Frontback can deliver.

My final thoughts, buy this album. Get out and see this band live if you get the chance. Their live shows and just as great as their albums are! Out October 25th, make sure to pick up your copy! Stort Grattis till Frontback! Underbart album!

Watch Frontback Live at Sweden Rock 2018

I sat down with Front back at Sweden Rock in 2018 for a conversation. If you’ve not seen the interview before now, do it and get to know this band!

Let’s Play Rock’N’Roll
I Arrive When You Go
Rhythm Is Dead
Back To Hell
Always On The Run
Glory Days
When The Wind Is Gone
Movin’ On
Sunny Days

Frontback are:
Anlo Front – Lead vocals & guitar
Axel Graneskog – Leag guitar & backing vocals
Jonas Persson – Bass & backing vocals
Kristoffer Stridh – Drums & backing vocals

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