The Melvins Play A Sold Out Show In Seattle

The Melvins
The Melvins
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On September 13 legendary rock band The Melvins performed at a sold out show in Seattle. The September 13 show was the first of two that they were doing. The second night was also sold out as well. Alongside the band was Redd Kross and Toshi Kasai. The line for the show went down the block at the famous capitol hill venue Neumos. As soon as the fans got inside, many rushed to the merchandise booth to get their items before they were gone. The first performer came on at 8:30 and the crowd was ready for the show to begin!

First up for the evening was Toshi Kasai. When the lights lowered, a scrim was put on the stage next to a mixing style board. The scrim had a light on it that moved along to the high pitch frequencies that were being made by Kasai. While the crowd was watching the light move back and forth, the sounds from Kasai became hypnotizing to many fans. Kasai performed for a half hour and beautifully crafted visuals, with his unique sound. Make sure to see Toshi Kasai live. His shows are unlike any other and must be seen.

Next up was Redd Kross from Hawthorne, California. The alternative rock band came out to a crowd that was ready to dance around and have a good time. When the band walked out on stage, they welcomed the crowd to the show and began playing. Their set kicked off with their song ‘Beyond The Door‘. After that song was finished they quickly went into playing ‘When Do I Get To Sing My Way’. The crowd was loving every second of the performance and made sure to show it by dancing around and singing along.

The band set came to a close with a combination of a couple songs. They played part of ‘Linda Blair‘ as well as their hit song ‘Annette’s Got The Hits’. When the song was finished, they thanked the crowd for coming out and bid them farewell. Redd Kross puts on a fantastic live show. They combine eccentric stage presence and musicianship to perfection. Make sure to check these guys out live. You will not be dissapointed.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, The Melvins!!!!! As soon as the stage hadns finished setting up the stage, the band came on and the crowd went wild! The bands set started off with their hit song ‘Sesame Street Meat‘ off of their album “Hold It In“. The crowd began to headbang and move around a bit throughout the song which the band seemed to love. When the song was over, the audience threw up their horns as the band went into playing ‘The Kicking Machine‘.

Throughout the set, the band would play songs that spanned their entire discography including a handful of covers! The bands set came to a close with a cover of the famous Kiss song ‘Deuce‘. The crowd sang as loud as they could alongside the band. The energy that the band brought to the set was incredible and the crowd matched it as well. The Melvins are a fun show to see for any fan of hard rock and metal. Check these guys out whenever they play a show near you. Make sure to get your tickets as soon as they go on sale because they will sell out!!

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