Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Play Day Three Of Pain in The Grass

Rob Zombie
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The third and final day of the annual Pain In The Grass festival came to a close with a banger! The legendary duo of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson teamed up for another tour. Each time these two team up for a tour, you already know you are in for a treat. The theatrics alone draw in massive crowds, but the performances are what truly captivates the masses. The final day drew in a large crowd way before the doors even opened! As the fans began their way into the venue, you could already tell that it was a perfect day for music.

The first band to perform was Seattle’s own Pound! The duo came out to a crowd that was ready to get heavy, and oh boy did the crowd get what they wanted. As the band went in to their first song, you could tell that it was going to take some people a little bit of time to get what was happening. Pound is a crossover band of many different genres and they are unlike anything you will ever hear. Throughout the set, guitarist Ryan Schutte would tell the crowd to put their thumbs up. The thumbs up movement as they would call it was all about having a good time and positivity.

When the bands half hour set came to a close, they thanked the crowd and talked about their upcoming festival Thumb Fest. Pound is a band that needs to be on everyone’s radar. These two guys are insanely talented and they bring some of the heaviest sounds in music today. Check them out whenever they play a show near you. Also, check out Thumb Fest on September 24 at the Substation in Seattle for a killer show! Fans on the east coast can catch them on tour with The Number Twelve Looks Like You and Godmother in October.

Next up was Butcher Babies from Los Angeles, California. The female fronted rock band came out firing on all cylinders! The crowd was into it and the band was feeding off the energy of the fans. Throughout the set, vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey would run around the stage interacting with the crowd. The half hour set was filled with many fan favorites and the performance helped set the bar for intensity for the day. Make sure to catch Butcher Babies live whenever they are on tour near you.

Following that performance was Bones UK. The female lead rock band came out dressed in similar outfits. The band came out swinging with their opening song, catching the attention of everyone in attendance. As the set went on the vocalist kept discussing the bands name with the audience. The story made for quite an impactful way to remember the band and performance. With each song, the audience grew more enticed by the old school rock and roll style sound of the band. Bones UK puts on a great show for any fan of classic style rock and roll.

The next band on the bill was Palaye Royale. The Canadian based band had one of the most unique sounds of the day. They seemed to have a bit of a glam style to their sound and look. While their set continued their vocalist pumped up the crowd by walking back and forth across the stage to interact with the audience. As their set came to a close, the band thanked the crowd and walked off waving at the fans. Palaye Royale puts on quite an experience for their show. Between their classic glam look to their signature sound, they will be a band you will remember for quite some time.

Following them was the legendary heavy metal band Corrosion Of Conformity. The crowd was ready to hear some face melting riffs, and the band gave them just what they wanted. With their signature style blues/ groove themed sound, the crowd opened up a mosh pit and began to get rowdy. Throughout the set, the band would talk to the audience to hype them up. The crowd was receptive and became even more excited as the set continued. When the set came to a close the band received a massive ovation from the crowd as the performers exited the stage. Corrosion Of Conformity is a great band to see live for any fan of heavy metal.

Next up was the one, and only Marilyn Manson! The stage was set with a white curtain in front of it. The anticipation of the performance to start was driving the audience into a frenzy (myself included). As soon as the music stopped playing over the speakers at the venue the audience roared as the band walked out on stage. When the curtain dropped there stood Manson on stilts on top of stairs. The stilts lowered and he walked down the steps and began singing the first song “Angel With The Scabbed Wings“. The eerie sound of the song was a perfect way to kick off his set as the rhythm of the song made the audience open up a mosh pit and throw their horns up in excitement.

Following that song, Manson decided to get a little personal with the fans and walked down to the front row. He then mentioned that the next song was his smash hit “This Is The New Shit“. During the first verse of the song, he told the band to stop. He sounded very surprised as he mentioned to the crowd that actor Danny Trejo was in the barricade. He then handed Trejo the microphone and let him speak into it, and then Manson went back into the song. After that song was finished, the band went into their hit classic “Rock Is Dead“.

Throughout the set, Manson would do numerous wardrobe changes all while performing him from all of his discography. The bands set came to a close with the song “The Beautiful People” off of the album ‘Antichrist Superstar‘. Marilyn Manson puts on one of the most amazing live shows I have ever personally witnessed. From his ability to interact with the crowd, to his stage theatrics, it is one of the greatest spectacles any fan of rock and metal can witness. Make sure to see him live whenever he comes to a city near you. You will not be dissapointed.

The headlining spot for the night went to none other than the monster maniac himself, Rob Zombie! The stage was set up with crazy stage theatrics and large LED screens to show videos in the back. The bands set started off with the song “Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown“. Following that songs, the band quickly went into playing “Superbeast” off of the album ‘Hellbilly Deluxe‘. As the song continued, Zombie got the crowd to sing along with him by singing the chorus. The words he wanted shouted at him popped up on the LED screens behind him. After that, the band went into playing, “Living Dead Girl“.

As the set continued, the band would play numerous cover songs from White Zombie, The Ramones, and The Beatles. During The Beatles songs “Helter Skelter” Zombie invited Marilyn Manson out on stage to sing it with him. The duo did a fantastic job and the crowd ate it up. The set came to a close with the song “Dragula“. Rob Zombie puts on an extremely fun and interactive show. The stage presence he has is unlike any other and he and his band truly are amazing performers.

That’s a wrap on Pain In The Grass 2019! We hope that all the fans that were in attendance had an amazing time and we all hope to see you again next year! Thank you again to 99.9 KISW for having us out! See you all in 2020!

Shots for day 3 by Destry Hoover.

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