Daze of Summer Band: James Holkworth and the Coolbenders

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Daze of Summer Band #69:

James Holkworth and the Coolbenders

Day 69 brings us to James Holkworth and the Coolbenders, a great Blues Rock band. They released their album ‘We Want to Be Famous’ just before summer kicked off, see the review here. But why should you get to know them? Solid music that resonates with listeners!

But there’s also a strange story behind James Holkworth about disappearing then resurfacing years later and how the band came to be that reads like some mystery novel. I won’t rewrite his story, instead I suggest you read his bio on his website. It’s an interesting read and throws in some details that you really wouldn’t expect to find that adds depth to the music.

James Holkworth and the Coolbenders performed at the Sweden Rock Festival in June and wow’d the crowd. This band is definitely a live performing band that delivers a great show. Check them out.

James Holkworth and the Coolbenders are:
James Holkworth
Pete Ledderman
Gus Rackbatter
Adam Barron
LeRoy LeDuf
Annie McNivendale




Connect with James Holkworth and the Coolbenders:

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