Daze of Summer Band: Drunken Buddha

Drunken Buddha
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Daze of Summer Band #68: Drunken Buddha

Day 68 brings us to Drunken Buddha. Hard Rock from Gijón, Spain. These guys have the funky old vibe you’d expect with band like Rainbow, Deep Purple, The Doors and many of the notable legends. Not lacking in their sound, the organ and the old school psychedelic distortion both musically and vocally, plus lots of wailing guitar solos. Hit these guys up for something groovy.

Drunken Buddha performed at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle showcase last week at Wacken 30 where they came in #3 in competition. Check them out.

Drunken Buddha are:
Michael Arthur Long: Voz
Mario Herrero: Teclados
José Manuel Martínez: Batería
Javier Menéndez: Bajo
Diego Riesgo: Guitarra






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