Daze of Summer Day Band: Facing the Gallows

Facing the Gallows
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Daze of Summer Band #65: Facing the Gallows

Day 65 brings us to Facing the Gallows. This Metal band from Johannesburg, South Africa caught my attention with their sound pretty quickly. Their sound has this blend that makes me think I Prevail meets In Flames with a twist. Lots of clean and screaming vocals and big blasts in their music. Definitely and intense band that you need discover.

Facing the Gallows performed at the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle showcase last week at Wacken 30. Check them out.

Facing the Gallows are:
Vocals – Reegan du Buisson
Guitar – James irving
Guitar – Chase Beynon
Bass – Ray James
Drums – Victor ‘Papa V’ Monginho






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