Daze of Summer Band: Goat Ripper

Goat Ripper
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Daze of Summer Band #61: Goat Ripper

Day 61 brings us to Goat Ripper. Founded in 2018, this is a young band who’s already catching attention. Their sound, Brutal Death Metal. The band released their first album ‘Vicious Structure of the Crucified’ in November 2018. Their second album is due for release later this month.

Goat Ripper will be performing in the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle showcase this week at Wacken 30. Check them out.

Goat Ripper are:
Nijat Hasanzadeh (Drums)
Murad Hasanov (Vocals)
Firudin Ahmadzadeh (Guitars)
Zakir Gasimov (Bass)






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