Daze of Summer Band: Cobra Cult


Cobra Cult
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Daze of Summer Band #50: Cobra Cult

Day 50 brings us to Cobra Cult. Pure Rock N’ Roll from Stockholm, Sweden! We recently caught this band live at Sweden Rock, another band who performed as part of the New Music in Sweden program NEMIS. We’d checked their music out earlier in the year. They are solid band with a kick ass vocalist.  For us though, the true test is always the live show.

I am happy to tell you this is a great live band as well as a great sounding recording band. They have an energetic show and come prepared to deliver. I’d highly recommend for you rock music lovers, take Cobra Cult for a spin. They are working on new music now, so expect something later in the year or early next year from them.

Cobra Cult are:
Johanna (vocals/guitar)
Thomas (bass/backing vocals)
Sillen (drums)
Anders (guitar)




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