Khalid Plays The Tacoma Dome

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On July 7, Khalid came to the Tacoma Dome on his Free Spirit sour. Doors for the show opened at six PM with the show starting at 7:30. As the venue filled in, many fans ran to the merchandise booth to get their items early. The overall vibe inside from crowd, down to the choice in music over the speakers was very relaxing and joyful. You could tell that the name of the tour truly matched the type of show the crowd was in for.

The opening act for the evening was Clairo from Carlisle Massachusetts. When the lights went out the crowd roared and gave a welcoming applause. As soon as Clairo hit the stage, she quickly went into playing her song “Throwaway‘. The audience began to sing every along with her. When the song was finished she welcomed the crowd to the show and introduced herself and her band. After the introduction she went right into her next song ‘Flaming Hot Cheetos‘. As the singer walked around the stage, cheers from the crowd began to pour out as she smiled and waved at the fans.

During the end of her set she thanked the crowd for coming out early to watch her perform. Her set came to a close with “4ever‘. Clairo is a wonderful performer. The emotion she puts into her music is something special. Make sure to check out when she plays a city near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Khalid!!!!! The stage was set with massive LED screens above the stage as well as behind where the performer would be at. When the lights went out, the crowd cheered and screamed!! The beginning of the set had an introduction that showed a body outline of Khalid talking to the audience. His set began with the song ‘8teen‘. The audience screamed along to every word along with him. Khalid used every inch of the stage and walked from end to end to look out at the crowd and sing to them. During his next song ‘Twenty One‘ he started showing off his dance moves, as he danced across the stage. Half way through the song, back up dancers came out and danced along side with him.

During his next song, ‘Hundred‘. The backup dancers played a major key into the songs element. The emotion of the song seemed much stronger not only with his vocals, but with their performance as well. The group came out in matching outfits and danced around Khalid. The audience was enticed by the spectacle they were getting to watch. Throughout his set, he would have the dancers come back out to perform with him periodically. One of the coolest elements of the performance were the visuals of the LED screens. Many of them were very simple color schemes, while some were of city skylines and blue skies.

The hour and a half long performance came to a close with ‘Saturday Nights’ with a remix of the Oasis song ‘Wonderwall‘ added in. The crowed was electric during the final song and gave a massive ovation to the artist and his band before they walked off stage. Khalid puts on a spectacular show. His stage presence is phenomenal, and his showmanship is top notch. His live show is something that needs to be seen. Make sure to get out there and see Khalid any time he plays a show near you. You will not be disappointed.

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