Ice Nine Kills Play To A Sold Out Crowd In Seattle

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On Sunday May 19, Ice Nine Kills played a show at Seattle’s’ famous Showbox at the Market. The line up for the show was huge! The bill consisted of From Ashes To New and the headliners for the tour, Falling In Reverse. Unfortunately, before their set, Falling In Reverse was unable to perform due to an illness in the band. Nevertheless, the first two bands put on quite a performance for the crowd.

First up was From Ashes To New from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The four piece metal band came out to a wild crowd from the get go. Audience members filled up the floor as quick as they could to get a good spot to watch the band. Their set started off with the song ‘The Future‘. The song immediately got the crowd moving and jumping up and down. The unique vocal combination of Danny Case and Matt Brandyberry reminded me a bit of older Linkin Park.

As the set continued on, the band would interact more with the crowd by getting them to sing along with them. During one of the final songs of the set, Brandyberry discussed his struggles with mental health. While he talked about his personal experiences the audience cheered for his willingness and courage to speak up on a subject that needs to be talked about. The bands set came to a close with the song ‘Through It All‘.  From Ashes To New puts on a great show for any fan of new metal and rock music alike. Check them out!

Next up was Ice Nine Kills from Boston, Massachusetts. The crowd waited eagerly for the bands set to start. During the set change, the sound of Jason Voorhees could be heard along with the rest of the soundtrack to Friday The 13th. The stage had been set with numerous horror themed props such as, a red balloon (IT), a chainsaw with severed limbs, and a hockey mask on the drum head. As soon as the lights went out, the movie jingle ‘Let’s All Go To The Lobby‘ came on and quickly the band walked out. When the band got on stage, the audience knew they were in for a treat. Each member of the band was dressed in a horror costume! The bands 35 minute set started off with their song ‘The American Nightmare‘.

Not too long after the song started, the first of many crowd surfers came up and over the security barrier as a mosh pit opened up. When the song was finished, the band quickly went into playing their hit song ‘Savages‘. Throughout the rest of their set, many stage theatrics were performed. During one song, a person dressed as a shark came out and chased the band around the stage. The audience laughed and enjoyed the performance even more. The bands set came to a close with their song ‘IT Is The End‘. Ice Nine Kills knows how to put on a very entertaining show! Not only do they catch your attention with their stage show, their musicianship is great! If you get a chance to see these guys live, I highly suggest doing so. You will be in for a wild and fun show.


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