Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild

Crazy Lixx - Forever Wild
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Crazy Lixx - Forever WildCRAZY LIXX
Album: Forever Wild
Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Genre: Sleaze Rock / Hard Rock
Release Date: May 17, 2019
Rating 9/10

Crazy Lixx are back with a new full length album, Forever Wild. The follow-up to their 2017 release Ruff Justice, Forever Wild heads into a different direction with a more upbeat vibe that solidly carries on from where they left off.

On this album as with the last are all the same players adding to cohesive sound between the most recent releases. Also in this mix, Chris Laney of Pretty Maids and LaneyLand studio who once again mixed the final album. No need to change it up, why fix what’s not broken right? I can honestly say, this is the best album so far and to me, Crazy Lixx have continued to impress with each release they’ve had. 

For North American fans, you may not have come across this band yet, which isn’t surprising with how hard it can be to find the bands you want to hear all around the globe. I first came across Crazy Lixx in my yearly travels to Sweden Rock Festival. The year I found out about them, they weren’t on the lineup, but someone had managed to get some band flyers out around the festival site. Me being me and always looking for that next band to wow me, I instantly went searching to find out who they were. The first exposure was to their 2012 release Riot Avenue, I was instantly hooked. Growing up in the 80’s, their sound stirred up all the things that I loved about the 80’s rock music, raw, raunchy, uninhibited, fun and wild. 

Listen to Wicked here:

While their sound has changed over the years as members have come and gone, they’ve always been able to maintain that fundamental 80’s sound in their music. That holds true for Forever Wild. It’s big, melodic, stadium style rock. I have to say, I am really happy they decided to release this album just before the start of summer. It’s one of those albums you will want to have on in your car while cruising around with the windows down, air blowing through your hair as you sing along at the top of your lungs. It’s just has the summer is here feeling in it! So breakout the Aqua Net and spandex, that Sunset Strip feel is here… it’s time to turn back the clock and rock!

The album kicks off with an uptempo track that will instantly have you singing along. The hooks on this album are going to catch you every time! Well written tracks that are memorable and singable. The lyrics are blended in with juicy riffs, wailing solos and great melodies. This entire album is just a feel good album you will want to add to your summer soundtrack. 

My personal favorites were (She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face, Terminal Velocity and Wicked. They just had rockin’ feeling that resonates with me to the core. There are also a couple of tracks that slow down the album a bit for the fans who look for something a less intense, Eagle and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.

Watch Break Out here:

All in all, a fantastic album! You can’t go wrong with this one. If you are a fan of that 80’s style rock, this is the album for you. If you’re not, you should still check it out. The guys have completely added their modern take on this style of music and you may suddenly find yourself fan! Go get your copy! 

Check it out, I just talked with Danny Rexon about the new album today, you can listen to the interview here.

Break Out
Silent Thunder
(She’s Wearing) Yesterday’s Face
Terminal Velocity
It’s You
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
Weekend Lover
Never Die (Forever Wild)

Crazy Lixx are:
Danny Rexon – vocals
Joél Cirera – drums
Jens Sjöholm – bass guitar
Chrisse Olsson – guitar
Jens Lundgren – guitar

Find Crazy Lixx:

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