Lil Pump And Lil Skies Perform In Seattle

Lil Pump
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On April 19, Lil Pump and Lil Skies kicked off their co headlining tour in Seattle. The crowd was beyond excited to get to see these two live. Doors opened at 6:00 Pm, with the show starting at 7:30.

First up for the evening was Desto Dubb. The Los Angeles rapper ran out on stage and immediately started to hype up the crowd. During the first song, Desto Dubb dumped a bottle of water across his watch to let it shine. As the set continued a large caricature of himself came up on the screen with his phrase “That’s a awful lot of cough syrup”. When his half hour set was just about done, he got the crowd to start jumping and throwing their hands up. Desto Dubb knows how to work a crowd well. His performance is very interactive and very fast paced. Check him out if he plays a show near you.

Following that set was Lil Skies. The Pennsylvania based rapper came out to a very eager crowd. As soon as he hit the stage the audience erupted, as Skies ran across the stage. During the first song he would run from end to end to make sure he saw all the fans. Throughout the set he would ask the audience to jump and move around with him. The audience was happy to do so. At one point during his set, he had the crowd turn their cell phone lights on and shine them at the stage. The shine from the phones was incredible as the entire stage was illuminated.

During his final song, Skies hopped off stage and performed the final chorus in the crowd. At the end of the song, he mentioned to the crowd that they should always follow their dreams. He then said “Even if no one believes in you or your dreams, I do”. After that was said, he waved goodbye to the crowd and walked off stage. Lil Skies puts on a very high energy show. His showmanship is hard to match and is very impressive. Check him out if he announces a tour near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Lil Pump!!!!! The crowd was growing more and more anxious waiting for Pump to perform. Before he came out, his DJ TJ Mizell came out to put on a set. He hyped up the crowd by playing throwback hits such as “Soulja Boy” and many others. After about 15 minutes Mizell asked the crowd if they were ready for Lil Pump. The crowd gave an enormous cheer, and as they did this Pump ran out on stage to perform his first song. As soon as he hit the stage, the crowd went wild! The audience was singing along to every word and feeding off his energy. Lil Pump has certainly come a long way from rapping on SoundCloud. I wonder if he used the services of to get more plays and likes when he was starting out.

During one of his songs Desto Dubb came out and performed along side him as well. This got the crowd even more excited as the duo ran across the stage jumping and performing. One of the biggest highlights of the night came when he played his fan favorite song “Gucci Gang“. When the crowd heard the intro of the song, they lost it and the crowd started jumping and moving around. The audience even was able to start a small mosh pit for other songs throughout the performance. Lil Pump puts on a one of a kind rap show. From the images on the LED screens he has behind him, to his stage presence and fan interaction. Lil Pump knows how to be an entertainer and balances it well with his performance as well. Make sure to check him out live. The energy from his set is unbelievable.


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