Hypocrisy Plays A Sold Out Show In Seattle

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On April 13, legendary death metal band Hypocrisy played El Corazon in Seattle. Alongside them for touring support was Italian death metal heavy weights Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Aenimus. Local openers for the show were Orator and Whythre. Doors opened for the show at 6:00 o’clock with the show starting at 6:30.

First up for the evening was Whythre. The Seattle locals started off their twenty five minute set with a very heavy intro. As the intro came to an end vocalist Gabe Tachell welcomed the crowd and introduced the band. As soon as the band started playing, the crowd began to head bang and move around. Throughout the set, the crowd became more and more enticed by the band technicality and musicianship. When their set came to a close, the crowd reacted well and gave them a loud applause as the band thanked the crowd. Whythre puts on a great show for any fan of melodic and technical metal. Check them out!

Following that set was Orator. The Seattle death metal came out to a very rowdy crowd. The band started off their set with the song “Kallipolis“. The song got the crowd moving as soon as it started. The fast and aggressive tones of the band were on point for their set. With each song that was played the crowd reaction got more and more electrifying. Their set came to a close with the song “Perceiver (The Jaws Of Recompense). Orator is a band newer band that is one to watch out for. They have a lot of old school death metal influences, while still showcasing modern as well. Make sure to check them out when they play near you.

Next up was Aenimus from San Francisco, California. There was a lot of talking going around about these guys before their set started. As soon as the lights went out, the venue erupted in cheer. The band started off their half hour set with the song “Between Iron And Silver”. When the song started you immediately heard the very technical side of the band. With odd time signatures and a bit of a core style for bass drops, the floor looked like a war zone. The crowd fed off the energy of the band as the set carried on. Without a moments notice, the band quickly went into playing “Day Zero”. At the end of that song, vocalist Alex Green introduced the band and thanked everyone for coming out. After Green talked to the crowd for a minute the band went into playing their song “The Ritual“.

Throughout the set Green interacted with the audience by getting up close to the audience and screaming in front of them. The crowd seemed to love it as they kept cheering for more. The bands set came to a close with the song “The Dark Triad“. Aenimus puts on an awesome show for any fan of technical metal. If you are a fan of bands like Rings Of Saturn then you will love this band.

Up next was the mighty Fleshgod Apocalypse. During the set change, a very Victorian sounding track played over the speakers of the venue. When the banner for the band was hung up, the audience lost it and started cheering. As soon as the lights went out the crowd screamed and started chanting “Fleshgod!, Fleshgod!“. As soon as the band hit the stage they quickly went into their hit song “The Violation“. The audience began to head bang furiously and mosh as hard as they could to the devastating sound of the band. The bands mixture of guttural vocals and clean singing was absolutely incredible. It took the audience by storm. When the song was finished the band quickly went into playing “Healing Through War“.

As the set went on the band talked about their soon to be released album ‘Veleno‘. After a minute of talking about it, they played their first single from the album entitled “Sugar“. The new song was as devastating to hear live as it was online. One of the many highlights of the night came towards the end of the set. Before the band played their song “The Egoism” Francesco Paoli asked the audience to split the floor in two for a wall of death. When Paoli said go, both sides collided and then it seemed as if the entire crowd was moshing. The bands set came to a close with their song “The Forsaking“. When their set was over, they came out to say goodbye and thanked the crowd. Fleshgod Apocalypse puts on a one a kind show that needs to be seen by any fan of music.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Hypocrisy!! The audience started to become anxious by the time the band hit the stage. When the lights went out, “Runaway Train” by AC/DC began blaring over the speakers. The audience began singing along to the song, as they anticipated the start of the set. As soon as the song was over the stage lights started to flash, and the band walked out. The band started off their hour long set with their hit song “Fractured Millennium” off of their album ‘Hypocrisy‘. The audience began slamming into each other and rushing towards the stage. Vocalist Peter Tagtgren gave off one of his legendary screams and the audience began cheering. As soon that song was done, the band went straight into playing ‘Valley Of The Damned‘.

After they played a few songs, the band welcomed the crowd and thanked them for coming out to the show. Tagtgren then started talking about how long it had been since they had played in Seattle and how thankful they were. After the speech the band went began to play their song “Adjusting The Sun“. Throughout the set the band played songs that spanned their entire discography such as, “Eraser”, “Killing Art“, and “War Path“. Their set came to a close with the song “Roswell 47” off their album ‘Abducted‘. Hypocrisy puts on an incredible live show. The stage presence they have is amazing and their sound is top notch. Make sure to see them when they announce a tour near you.


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