Swallow The Sun Plays Seattle

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On Friday March 29, Swallow The Sun came to Seattle. The band is currently on tour supporting Children Of Bodom. Other tour support came from Wolfheart,and Hollow Cry. Doors for the show opened at 6:00 PM with the show starting at 6:30.

First up was Hollow Cry from Spain. The five piece metalcore band started off their half hour set with the song ‘Shadows Of Winter‘. The crowd started to head bang a bit as the rhythm of the song picked up. Throughout the set, vocalist Xavi Strife interacted with fans by getting up close and personal. During one of the songs, Strife got the crowd to wave their middle fingers back and forth like he was doing. The bands set came to a close with their song ‘Last Call‘. As the band thanked the crowd, they asked one of the security guards to take a picture of them with the crowd. The crowd was more than happy to help with it. Hollow Cry has a lot of energy and their live show certainly shows that.

Next up was Wolfheart from Finland. During the set change, a very creepy soundtrack played as the band got their instruments set up. When their set started, you could tell that the soundtrack used before they came on was used for a reason. Without a moments notice, the band went into playing their song ‘Everlasting Fall‘. The song gave off a vibe of despair a bit. It was very fitting for the atmosphere. The crowd reacted by headbanging and throwing up their horns. When they finished up playing that song, they began playing their hit song ‘Aeon Of Cold‘ off of their album “Shadow World“. When that song started, the crowd reacted by opening up the first of many mosh pits.

The bands set came to a close with their 8 minute epic song ‘Boneyard‘. Wolfheart puts on quite a show for any fan of Nordic style metal. Make sure to check these guys out! They will not disappoint you at all.

Following that set was Swallow The Sun. In between sets, the floor became jam packed with people who were buzzing about the set they were about to see. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd cheered and started pushing forward to get a better spot to see the band. The group came out dressed looking a bit like druids. They had solid black tops on with hoods up which made them look a bit more on the evil side. Their 45 minute set started off with their song ‘These Woods Breathe Evil‘. When the song started, a large mosh pit opened up and consumed a large portion of the floor. When they finished the song, they quickly went into playing ‘Upon The Water‘.

Throughout the set, the band would talk with the crowd briefly before starting the next song. When each song started the crowd became more enticed by the band than they had been before. The bands set came to a close with the song ‘Swallow‘. Swallow The Sun puts on a great show! they are a great band to see for any fan of extreme metal. The atmosphere the band is able to create is incredible and hard to match. Make sure to check them out live!

The headlining spot for the night went to Children Of Bodom. The Finnish extreme metal band came out to a rowdy crowd that was ready to see what the band had to offer! Their set started off with the fan favorite song ‘Are You Dead Yet?’. As soon as the song started, the crowd erupted into a frenzy. As the song went on the crowd screamed along the words with vocalist Alexi Laiho. When the song finished, the band quickly went into playing their hit ‘In Your Face‘. Following that, the band then went into playing their new song ‘Platitudes And Barren Words‘ off of their latest album “Hexed“. 

The bands set showcased songs from throughout their discography. The bands hour and a half set came to a close with their classic song ‘Downfall‘. Children Of Bodom puts on a fantastic show for any fan of extreme metal. The technical skill they show on stage in mind bending and is extremely impressive. Make sure to see these guys live whenever they announce a show near you.

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