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On Tuesday March 26, Benighted played their first show in Seattle. The french death metal band has been touring on the Hell Over North America Tour. The tour also featured, AbortedCryptopsy, and Hideous Divinity. Doors for the evening opened a little after 8:00 Pm and started immediately after.

First up was Hideous Divinity from Rome. As soon as the doors opened the band was already standing on the stage and started playing. That got the crowd to flood to the stage and start head banging with the band. Throughout the set, the floor became more full and quickly became cramped as the band decimated the crowd. At one point in the bands set, vocalist Enrico Schettino dropped the microphone into his mouth and screamed into it. That action sent the crowd into a frenzy! When their set came to a close, the audience gave them a massive ovation as the band exited the stage. Hideous divinity puts on an incredible show. Make sure to check these guys out!

Next up was Benighted!! The band came out to an anxious crowd who was crowding the stage before the set even started. During sound check, vocalist Julien Truchan started doing vocals to songs being played over the speakers. When the lights turned out the crowd rushed forward and started shouting “Benighted! Benighted!“. The half hour long set started off with their song ‘Reptilian‘. As soon as the song started, the crowd opened up a circle pit and started slamming into each other. The band seemed to be loving it, as they kept asking for the crowd to keep it up! After that song was finished the quickly went into playing ‘Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth‘. The crowd went absolutely insane during that song. People started rushing into the mosh pit from all angels of the venue to show their appreciation.

As the set continued, Truchan mentioned how grateful they were to finally be in the United States. He then mentioned how overwhelming the response was from the crowd for how happy they were to see them perform. When he finished up talking, he introduced the next song ‘Necrobreed‘. Their set came to a close with the song ‘Experience Your Flesh‘, from their album “Carnivore Sublime. Benighted puts on one of the heaviest and most devastating sets in death metal. Their stage presence and energy live is amazing. These guys are true showmen and know how to capture the raw power of death metal. Make sure to check these guys out whenever they announce a show near you.

Following that performance was Cryptopsy. The Canadian death metal band came out to a rowdy crowd. Without a moments notice the band quickly began playing their first song ‘Detritus (The One They Kept)‘. As soon as the song began the crowd started to head bang and mosh around the venue. Things became even more chaotic when the band went into their classic song ‘Slit Your Guts‘ off of their album “None So Vile“. Throughout the set the band commanded the stage and showed incredible stage presence as they decimated the crowd with each song. Their set came to a close with the song ‘Orgiastic Disembowelment‘. Cryptopsy puts on an awesome show for any fan of technical death metal. Make sure to see them live.

The headlining spot went to brutal death metal legends Aborted. Their stage set up was unlike any others and was far different from years past. This time, there were cases that showed human body parts and remains. When the lights went out, strobe lights started to flash through the cases. Without wasting any time, the band went straight into playing their song ‘TerrorVision’. The crowd immediately turned the floor into a massive mosh pit. During the performance vocalist Sven De Caluwe would pace back and forth and make chopping gestures with his hands. This made the crowd go into a frenzy as the performance became more and more aggressive. Their set came to a close with the song ‘Retrogore‘. Aborted puts on one of the most devastating live performances by any death metal band. Make sure to see them whenever they announce a show near you.

The Hell Over North America Tour is still going on and will be running until April 30. Make sure to catch one of these shows. The line up is massive and it’s a show you will not want to miss!

Benighted Set List for Seattle:
Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth
Asylum Cave
Experience Your Flesh


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