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Battle Beast
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Battle Beast - No More Hollywood EndingsHave you ever listened to an album and the experience was so deep that it touched your soul? This is exactly how I felt after listening to Battle Beast – No More Hollywood Endings. I’ve been listening to this album now since early February and trying to find the words to explain the depth of love I have for this entire album. The writing is raw and cuts through you instantly. Maybe it’s the interpretation from life experiences or just the great music, either way… this album is absolutely on of my favorite albums thus far of 2019!

Let me start by saying, this is the album that will thrust Noora Louhimo into the top female metal vocalists today! Her vocals on this album are incredible. I’ve tried to sing along and hit the intensity she so easily does, but I can’t do it! She uses such control as she switches her vocal range in each track as well as the style of songs across the album. This by far is the most complex work I have heard from her so far and her clean vocals are packed full of power. She should be completely satisfied with her work on this album. I am completely impressed with the versatility in her voice!

As for the instrumental music, where to start? This album is so deeply touching. Every element in the writing, composition and performance has something to absorb and digest. Take “Piece Of Me”, so many different styles and music elements you wouldn’t expect to find, but all together makes this manic track of, yes give me more of that! Then it’s followed up by “I Wish”, a track where the music slows down with strings and pulls at the listeners emotions with such intensity, even the vocals and lyrics are haunting, raw and painful. This track made me personally reflect on the loss of my father, I’ve shed a lot of tears on this track because how raw the pain in this song is. The writing on this entire album is like this. There’s a message in every track for the listener to feel, interpret and relate to. Simply a masterpiece!

There are some tracks that you can just let go with as well. When you hit the track “Endless Summer Nights”, you’re going to get this intense flashback to the band Vixen. It’s chilling how they pulled in that feel to this song, whether they even know they did it or not, it’s one of those songs you just want to sing along with and flashback to places in your own life. There’s this feel to the track that makes it the perfect song of summer, while giving this cool rocking feel.

Watch Endless Summer Nights here:

“Raise Your Fists” is the call to awakening and taking life back. It’s the intense call to do something, and now! It will have your blood pumping from the start of the intro. The intro is epic, large and signals something big is about to happen, and just at that moment Louhimo unleashes her vocals to unsuspecting listeners. This track will have you up on your feet and your fists up in the air!

There’s not a track on ‘No More Hollywood Endings’ I didn’t enjoy. To me, this album is one to heal your soul with. It’s going to make listeners reflect on their lives as they listen to the lyrics. But, it’s not just an all serious album, for those looking just to listen, enjoy and let go, this album is most certainly one they can do that to. I just connected deeply to this album personally.

My final thoughts, GO BUY THIS ALBUM! It’s out today everywhere, so grab a copy and make sure to catch Battle Beast on tour this year! They will be making their way to North America later this year so you want to see them live! I will be catching them first at Helgeåfestivalen in July then catching them stateside of course for a second dose to rage with them!!! Well done  Battle Beast, you’ve released an incredible album you should be proud of!

Watch Eden here:

Battle Beast
Album: No More Hollywood Endings
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: March 22, 2019
Rating: 10/10

No More Hollywood Endings
Unfairy Tales
Endless Summer
The Hero
Piece Of Me
I Wish
Raise Your Fists
The Golden Horde
World On Fire
Bent And Broken (DIGI/2LP bonustrack)
My Last Dream (DIGI/2LP bonustrack)

Battle Beast are:
Noora Louhimo (voc)
Pyry Vikki (drs)
Joona Björkroth (gtr, voc)
Juuso Soinio (gtr)
Eero Sipilä (bass, voc)
Janne Björkroth (keys, voc)

Recorded by keyboardist Janne Björkroth, Viktor Gullichsen and guitarist Joona Björkroth at JKB Studios; the record was also produced and mixed by Janne. The cover artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (KORPIKLAANI, MANOWAR etc.)

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