Within Temptation And In Flames Play Seattle

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On March 16, Within Temptation made their return to Seattle. Along with them was In Flames and Smash into Pieces. The tour package was able to sell out Seattle’s famous venue Showbox SoDo. Doors opened at 6:00 PM with the show starting at 7:00. Before the first band came on, the audience filled up the floor and packed the venue full.

First up was Smash Into Pieces. The Swedish based rock band came out to an eager crowd who was already cheering for them. Their drummer came out first to hype up the crowd. One of the coolest things about their drummer was his LED face mask that he wears throughout the set. When the rest of the band walked out, they immediately went into playing their song “Like This!“. The half hour set was filled with many fan favorites such as “Merry Go Round“, and “Let Me Be Your Superhero“.

During the song “Disaster Highway” vocalist Chris Sorbye asked the audience to crowd surf him around the venue. The crowd was more than happy to do so. The 30 minute set came to a close with the song “Boomerang“. Smash Into Pieces brings a unique sound to the rock genre. Their live show is unique as well and fun to see. Make sure to check these guys out when they play near you.

Following that set was In Flames. Many audience members had been talking about how excited they were for the set before it started. When the lights went out, a massive roar came from the audience. The band started their hour long set with the song “Voices“. As soon as the song started the crowd opened up a mosh pit that took up a good portion of the floor. After that song was done, they quickly went in to playing “Everything’s Gone“. During that song the first of many crowd surfers came up and over the security barrier. Following that the band played “Pinball Map” off of their classic album ‘Clayman‘.

Throughout the set, vocalist Anders Friden talked with the crowd in between songs. When he did this it made the set feel very personal as if he was talking directly to you. The set came to a close with the song “The End“. In Flames puts on an incredible show. Their sound live is as good as it is on their studio albums. When these guys announce a show near you make sure to be there. You will not be disappointed by their performance.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Within Temptation! During the stage set up, the stage hands were bringing out numerous LED screens. When the lights went out, each screen showed a different image on it. The main screen was behind drummer Mike Coolen, and showed the bands logo. As Coolen played the intro for the song “Raise Your Banner”, the rest of the band came out to greet the crowd before joining in. During the song, vocalist Sharon Den Adel waved a banner with the bands logo on it. After that the band went straight into playing “The reckoning” off of their album ‘Resist‘.

The set went on for an hour and a half. Throughout the set the band played many fan favorites such as “Stand My Ground“, “Ice Queen“, and “Supernova”. The bands set came to a close with the song “Mother Earth“. Within Temptation puts on a one of a kind show. Each song they play sounds like an epic ballad. The amount of stage presence they have is unlike any other. Every member of the band commands the stage and captures the audience for the entire performance. Within Temptation will leave you mesmerized and begging for more. Make sure to see them whenever they announce a show near you.

Check out the set list for Within Temptation here.


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