Last In Line – II

Last In Line
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Last In Line
Album: Last In Line II
Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: February 22, 2019
Rating: 9/10

I’ve been following Last In Line since 2016. Having followed the members for many years through other bands and projects they’ve been involved with, I knew Last In Line was a band to pay attention to. The band just released their second album today, ‘Last In Line II’, and just like their first release, they’ve put their all into it.

The new album holds a lot of raunchy, heavy riffage. Intense, raw, rock and at times blues infused vocals. Kickass drumming matched with meaty bass tracks. All put together, this album sounds incredible. It’s one of those albums you can just press play and kick back while enjoying the creativity in the music. The talent displayed on this album is nothing short of mastery.

The wailing guitars that shift into hefty solos that let Vivian Campbell remind listeners just who he is and what he’s capable of! Smashing yet technical tempos from Vinny Apice that show his control and understanding of how drums need to sound on a rock album. Phil Soussan’s heavy, intentional and deep basslines sprinkled with the melodies will please even the most modest fans of bass!! Especially on the track “False Flag”! Tie it all up with Andrew Freeman and his melodic, raw and controlled yet raging vocals and you have this spectacular example of everything that should be in a great rock album.

Watch Landslide here:

An addition that can’t be overlooked in the mix on both of the Last In Line albums is Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner) who produced the first album and had his hands involved in part of the new album. But on ‘Last In Line II’, Andrew Freeman had more involvement with the producing due to scheduling conflicts that kept Pilson from being more deeply involved. As we as having sound engineer, Chris Collier, involved in mixing the album. To me, that actually allowed Last In Line to define their sound a little more. It’s not a huge contrast away from the sound of their first album, and no one should expect that considering the combined years of experience of the band members.

A few of the tracks I felt really spoke to me and stood out from this album are: “Blackout The Sun”, “Landslide”, “Year of the Gun”, “Sword From the Stone”, and “False Flag”. My final thought is this is a great album from the intro through the last track “The Light”. I am really happy that Last In Line wrote a second album and am looking forward in seeing what they coming up with next!

I wanted to know more about this album and had the killer opportunity to talk with Andrew Freeman last week about the new album and the band. Check out the interview linked below and see what Andrew had to say and don’t forget to grab Last In Line II’ today!!

Click Here – Interview With Andrew Freeman

Blackout The Sun
Gods And Tyrants
Year Of The Gun
Give Up The Ghost
The Unknown
Sword From The Stone
Love And War
False Flag
The Light

Last In Line are:
Andrew Freeman – Vocals
Vinny Apice – Drums
Phil Soussan – Bass
Vivian Campbell – Guitars

Find Last In Line: Last In Line

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