Hyro The Hero Performs at Headbangers Con!

Hyro The Hero
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Hyro The Hero made it to Portland, Oregon for a show supporting the June 29th release of ‘Flagged Channel’ (Review in our July 2018 issue). It was only a matter of time until the Pacific Northwest got a live show.

I’ve been saying for months this is one of the BEST rap albums I’ve heard this year. I stand by that statement still! Even Sirius XM Octane’s Jose Mangin has been singing the praises of Hyro The Hero! Of course Eminem blasted almost all of this year with his surprise release that was completely delicious! Yet, I haven’t heard many rap albums this year I’ve loved this much. It’s this mix of metal and rap that channels some Rage Against the Machine, Body Count, Tupac, Ice Cube, NWA, even some Crazytown, yet with a fresh spin.

Hyro The Hero Owned The Show at the Bossanova!

The guys performed an exclusive show at the Bossanova Ballroom for Headbangers Con. The first year for this convention brought great artists, panels and live shows!

I already knew from seeing posts from other shows online, this would be one hell of a show. But wow, it completely surpassed my expectations. It’s not often I get completely caught up in a show to the point I put my camera down, but this night it happened. During “Let The Snake Show”, I just lost it and had to sing along with Hyro! Even my friend next to me said he heard someone lose their mind singing along only to see it was me!

Easily one of the best live shows I’ve seen this year, and I’ve seen hundreds of shows! This performance is up there with Body Count at Sweden Rock Festival! If there’s one artist you really need to get to know, it’s Hyro The Hero. Intelligent, honest and hard hitting lyrics. Intense, heavy and rhythmic music. Crazy and insane live performance! Plus Hyro and all the guys in the band are super nice human beings! Can’t get much better than this. Check out some music and photos below. Hit them up on their socials, give them some likes and follows! Then go grab a copy of ‘Flagged Channel’!

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