Suffocation Fans Say Farewell To Frank Mullen In Seattle

Suffocation Sweden Rock Festival 2018
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On November 2, 2018 brutal death metal legends Suffocation were in town. Earlier in the year, Frank Mullen announced he would be retiring from the band. The local metal scene was ready to see the end of an era as Mullen was set to perform his last show in Seattle.

After The Fallout

First up for the evening was Seattle’s After The Fallout. The band showcased a more melodic style of metal. Audience members were nodding their heads back and forth along to the rhythm while getting into the band. The band did a great job warming up the crowd and getting them ready for the touring acts.

Visceral Disgorge

Next up, was Visceral Disgorge from Maryland. When the band walked out on stage and started their first song, the first of many mosh pits immediately opened up. The slam band stirred the audience into chaos with their hard-hitting riffs and brutal breakdowns. The guttural vocals done by vocalist Travis Werner were unbelievable. With each song the band played, the audience got more and more rowdy. When the half hour set came to a close, it felt as if you had just been beaten up by the music. Visceral Disgorge puts on one hell of a show. If you love brutal and heavy bands, make sure to check these guys out live.


After that performance came Krisiun from Brazil. The death metal veterans had a very basic stage set up. They had amps stacked high with their logo behind them being shown from a projector. When the band started the crowd erupted and bodies started being hurled around. The band opened up with their song “Kings Of Killing” off the album ‘Apocalyptic Revelation’.  The bands energy was matched by the crowd for the entire performance. Their 40 minute set came to a close with the song “Ominous”. After the set was done they thanked the crowd and said they would be back soon. Check these guys out live if you like old school death metal. They will not disappoint.

Cattle Decapitation

Following them were Cattle Decapitation. Over the past eight or so years the these guys have blown up due to their last two albums. The band had the stage set up with scrims of a human throwing the world in a trash can with their logo around it. When the crowd saw that, they lost it and cheered. The band started off their 40 minute set with their song “The Carbon Stampede”. As soon as the song started the audience started a massive mosh pit that took up most of the venue floor. The band wasted no time and quickly went right into playing their next song “Dead Set On Suicide”. 

The set consisted of songs solely off of their last two albums. One of the many highlights of the set was when they played their massive hit “Forced Gender Reassignment”. The band’s performance ended with the song “Pacific Grim”. Cattle Decapitation puts on an incredible show. The energy they show on stage is incredible and in matched by their fans. Make sure to check this band out live if you like death metal with grindcore influence.


Finally the moment had arrived for Suffocation to take the stage. Before the set started,  the manager of Club Sur Rocks came out to talk about the band. He had some very heartfelt words to say about the band and Frank Mullen himself. The crowd listened and cheered at the end of the speech. When the speech was over, Mullen picked up the microphone and welcomed the crowd. The band then quickly went into playing their hit song “Throwns Of Blood”.  The audience wasted no time in causing chaos and started slamming into each other. Throughout the set Mullen would walk across the stage and high-five the fans. The hour and fifteen minute set came to a close with the song “Infecting The Crypts”. 

After the set, Mullen and the rest of the band thanked the crowd and said their goodbyes. Suffocation put on an incredible show. The band really made this tour special not only for Mullen, but for the fans as well. They made sure that the crowd had the chance to say goodbye to the longtime vocalist in the best way. All fans of the band (myself included) will miss Frank immensely. The band will still be making new music and touring after this tour. These guys put on a great show so make sure to see them when they play near you.

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