Dying Fetus Tour Comes To Seattle

Dying Fetus Tour
Dying Fetus
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Last week the death metal legends Dying Fetus tour came to Seattle’s El Corazon. The band brought a massive line up along with them for a brutal night of music.

First up were local openers Oxygen Destroyer. The Seattle natives make music based off of the Godzilla movies. The half hour set was full of crazy blast beats with punishing guitar work. This band is definitely one to keep an eye on. They just released their first full length album ‘Bestial Manifestations Of Malevolence And Death’. We reviewed the album on our site and you can check out the review here.

Genocide Pact were second for the evening. Hailing from Maryland, the young group came out swinging starting off their set with their song “Submission Reigns”. The heavy and fast riffs the band was playing made the audience start moving. The half hour set was filled with heavy, face pummeling death metal. The band may be young but they are making a massive impact on the death metal scene. They have two full length albums that are well worth a listen to. Check this band out on album and check them out on tour as well.

Next up Gatecreeper!

This band likes to make their stage show match their name. With green lighting and a lot of fog, it feels like you are in a cemetery while watching them perform. With their musical content mainly being about death and apathy, you can see why they put off such an eerie vibe. Vocalist Chase Mason had the audience going wild with his unbelievably low guttural vocals followed by what sounds like a mournful scream. Their 40 minute set came to a close with their song “War Has Begun”. Gatecreeper puts on one hell of a show that needs to be seen by any fan of metal.

Up next were Incantation from Pennsylvania. The band has been around for some time and even helped in the rise of the New York death metal scene. With a packed house and an anxious audience the band walked out on stage and welcomed the crowd. As soon as the band started playing the crowd started banging their heads and throwing up the horns. The 45 minute set was filled with dark lyrics and fast riffs that sent the crowd into a frenzy. These guys were a great fit for the bill and put on a solid performance.

The Headliners, Dying Fetus!

Finally the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Dying Fetus was ready to go on! When the lights went out the audience broke out into a massive roar and then a child’s song started playing over the speakers of the venue. Needless to say the audience got a kick out of it and started to laugh. After the song, the band walked out on stage and welcomed the audience. They quickly went in to playing their song “Wrong One To Fuck With”. The floor broke out into a massive mosh pit that took up most of the floor. Throughout the set the audience matched the energy of the band. Guitarist John Gallagher and bassist Sean Beasley complimented Seattle for their outpour of support. The band dominated Seattle for the hour they were on stage and took no prisoners.

Dying Fetus has been one of the overall top bands of the death metal scene for over 25 years. Their live show is something that needs to be seen by any fan of metal and any fan of true musicianship. Make sure to check them out whenever they play a show near you. You will not be disappointed.


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