Agnostic Front Gets Rowdy In Seattle

Agnostic Front
Agnostic Front
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Last week the legendary hardcore group Agnostic Front played El Corazon in Seattle. Doors opened for the show at 7 PM with the show starting at 8 o’clock. Three bands were on the bill with two local openers.

First up for the evening was Junto from Seattle. The band came out to a pretty packed house, and they sure kicked the evening off right. The bands sound seemed heavily influenced by The Dropkick Murphy’s. The rhythm from the songs got the crowd to start moving while the vocalist got up close and personal with the audience. Their half hour set was very high energy which made the audience more excited for the rest of the show. Junto is a great American Oi! punk band to check out.

Next up was Noi!se from Tacoma. This band is one of the more recognized punk bands from Washington. The band filled up the front of the stage with audience members singing along with them. The audience reacted well to the high energy sound the band was playing by opening up the floor into the nights first mosh pit. The bands vocalist talked about how he served time in the military. Before they played their final song he dedicated the song to one of his young family members who just enlisted in the military. Noi!se played for a half hour and blew many of the audience members away. They are definitely a band to check out live.

The Headliners, Agnostic Front!

Finally the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Agnostic Front was about to play! They came on at 9:30 PM and as soon as they came on stage the audience rushed the stage. The set started off with such high energy the entire venue turned into a mosh pit. When Roger Merit walked to the front of the stage people started reaching for the microphone to sing along with him. Throughout the set Merit kept the energy on high by calling for circle pits. The crowd was happy to oblige. During a couple songs later in the set, lead guitarist Vinnie Stigma took over vocal duties. One of the many highlights of the performance was when they played their cover of the song “Iron Chin” by The Bruisers. The set came to a close with a cover of the classic Ramones song “Blitzkrieg Bop”.

For nearly 40 years Agnostic Front has been crushing the world of hardcore. With their high energy live show and crushing albums, you can see why this band will stand the test of time. Make sure to check them out whenever they play a show near you.

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