Helgeåfestivalen Music Festival 2018 (Time To Rock Festival)

Helgeåfestivalen 2018
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Helgeåfestivalen Music Festival 2018

Sweden is well known for it’s summer traditions that celebrate life, family, friends and relaxation. Summer music festivals are a big part of these summer traditions and are family inclusive.

We kicked our summer off with Sweden Rock Festival in June, the largest rock and metal music festival in Sweden, but what about the other music festivals in Sweden?  There are so many other small, medium and large festivals to pick from all across Sweden that run between the late spring through early fall. Whether inside the city as with MelodicRock Fest – Scandinavia in Malmö or Gefle Metal Festival in Gävle or in more remote location like Sweden Rock in Norje or Sabaton Open Air in Falun, there’s a festival to suit every music fan.

One such festival is Helgeåfestivalen in Knislinge which is in the Southern region of Sweden. Being in a more remote location, this festival is a big camping and caravan (RV) festival with very few hotels in the immediate festival area, but some hotels are within a 30 minute driving range in the cities of Kristianstad and Hässleholm, if fans prefer or need a traditional accommodations. If you are a world traveler, you can easily make it to this location by flying into Copenhagen or even into Ronneby and then renting a car to go back and forth from accommodations to the festival site.

This year was the 11th running year of Helgeåfestivalen and the line up was great! The three-day festivities had a much better start this year than in 2017 when the festival was impacted by heavy rain storms that flooded some of the festival grounds making a bit of a mess for attendees to muck through. This year, all sunny skies and warm temperatures made for an enjoyable summer event for the fans.

Helgeåfestivalen 2018 Line Up 

Sadly, I wasn’t able to attend this year to be able to give you a full personal account of the full festival, but never fear… some great local friends were there and snapped some photos to share the festivities and we have a video to share from another amazing photographer from Sweden below!

Helgeåfestivalen will be back for their 12th season in 2019 and we will be there next year to get you a full account of the entire festival. Until then, enjoy the video and photos we’ve gathered up and go give the Helgeåfestivalen Facebook page a like to follow their news as they begin planning next years festival!!

My suggestion is… start your 2019 summer off at Sweden Rock Festival and stick around through Helgeåfestivalen 2019, while hitting numerous other festivals along the way and doing a ton of sightseeing around Sweden! You will have the most amazing time!

Check out this amazing recap video by a friend of ours from southern Sweden, Jörgen Rasmusson of Distortion Media. He perfectly captured the essence of Helgeåfestivalen 2018!

Photos by: Elin Larsson and LG Gustavsson (If viewing in Thumbnail view, click on a photo to see a full view and band name)

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About Helgeåfestivalen:

Helgeåfestivalen is a rock and metal festival that started in 2008 and has continued to grow year by year.  The festival takes place in the south of Sweden in Knislinge.  The festival is in it’s 11th year running.  Past years have seen many international artists as well as many local artists.  Some of the previous artist performances were by: Dirkschneider, Pretty Maids, Helloween, W.A.S.P, Eclipse, Skid Row, Europe, Magnum, Mustasch, UDO, Warner Drive, Nazareth, D-A-D, The Hives, Amaranthe, Corroded and many more. As of 2020 Helgeåfestivalen is now known as Time To Rock Festival.

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