Obscura – Diluvium | Album Review

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If you are a fan of technical death metal and don’t know Obscura, then you are missing out on one of the best technical death metal bands of all time.  Not only are they a great tech death band, they are also one of the most influential ones to date.  Obscura hails from Landshut, Germany and they have been demolishing the world since their formation in 2002.

With an already solid discography, Obscura has released their fifth album Diluvium.  Much like their other albums, Diluvium is another masterpiece.  Their previous album Akroasis came out in 2016 and was also highly acclaimed.  It seems very difficult for bands to continually come out with such incredible albums one after another but Obscura shows that they have no problem doing so.  Diluvium starts off with the song “Clandestine Stars”.  The song is one of the faster ones on the album.  With blast beats and insane guitar and bass riffs, you can just tell what kind of album you are going to get.

The tone of the album reminds me a lot of Gojira and Necrophagist.  One of the many things i like is the use of synthesized vocals.  Many bands try to use them in songs but it usually comes in at the wrong time it seems.  Obscura has the timing down to a science for when to use the synthesizer.  Not only does it add a cool sound to the song but it adds so much more depth and feeling to it as well. This is especially true on the song “Emergent Evolution”.

The song “Diluvium” truly stood out to me to be not only one of the heaviest on the album, but quite possibly one of their best written songs from their discography.  The entire time it plays I can’t help but think of the song “Stabwound” from Necrophagist.  Being a big Necrophagist fan myself the track easily became my favorite.

Diluvium is an amazing album.  If you are a fan of metal of any kind, you will easily appreciate this album.  Obscura has really outdone themselves with this release.  The band has also announced a headlining North American tour cycle that starts September 13, 2018 in Oakland, California. The tour will end on October 7th in Los Angeles, California. Not only should you go out and pick up the album, but you should grab tickets to their headlining tour as well.  You will not be disappointed by either purchase.

Album: Diluvium
Label: Relapse Records
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Release Date: July 13, 2018

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