Kissin’ Dynamite: Ecstasy Album Review

Kissin Dynamite
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Kissin’ Dynamite
Album: Ecstasy
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Melodic/Stadium Rock
Release Date: July 6, 2018

Summer’s rock anthem album has arrived!  Kissin’ Dynamite released their album ‘Ecstasy’ today and it’s come just in time to make all of your summers memories to. This album will make you want to be 18 all over again and relive the glory days of rock!

This is a great album that’s full of fun tracks that you will want to listen to on repeat. The riffs are catchy, the melodies are memorable and energizing and the vocals are melodic, harmonizing and singable. There are even numerous, quick guitar solos that wane and catch your attention. The technicality can be heard from the first track through to the last one. The writing, recording and mix of this album are top quality yet carry such a familiar, comfortable feel, kind of like your favorite pair of jeans or concert tee.

I think these kinds of albums are still rare enough of an occurrence today that rock n’ roll fans will be taken by surprise when they put this one on and give it a spin. ‘Ecstasy’ actually made me think back to the albums that have become the soundtrack through my life and I knew in an instant this will also become one of them. These types are the ones that aligned with so many of my memories throughout my life and I feel this same vibe throughout this entire album.

By the second track “You’re Not Alone”, I was up on my feet singing along and jumping around. This song’s be stuck in my head for the past week now. So I can tell you that catchy is quite an understatement. But the entire album feels like this, it’s got that unique blend in the writing that you can’t help but to keep listening. There’s a number of fun energizing tracks, a few slower ones, a real ballad and even a few that have a darker more intense feel to them that you will pick up on immediately. Those are intentional and will catch you off guard yet suck you in right away and you will be raising a fist to sing along! One such song is “Break The Silence” with lyrics like, “Can you hear us, can you hear us, we have come to break the silence….” sung in an intense tone, oh yea, you will dig this when you hear it!

This kind of album is the exact kind that put the big bands on the charts and gave them the ability to perform stadium shows. It will appeal to a wide fan base and will keep old and new fans interested in their sound. I think Kissin’ Dynamite made one hell of an album with ‘Ecstasy’! I highly recommend this album to all fans of rock music, regardless of the sub-genre’s you are into, this one will cross many of them and should be heard. Now I can only hope we get to see these guys in tour in North America this year, this is an album that’s got to be seen and heard live!

Ecstasy track-listing:
1. I’ve Got The Fire
2. You’re Not Alone
3. Somebody’s Gotta Do It
4. Ecstasy
5. Still Around
6. Superhuman
7. Placebo
8. Breaking The Silence
9. Waging War
10. One More Time
11. Heart Of Stone 
12. Wild Wind
13. No Time To Wonder 

Kissin’ Dynamite lineup:
Hannes Braun – vocals
Ande Braun – guitars
Jim Muller – guitars
Steffen Haile – bass
Andi Schnitzer – drums 

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