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A Scar For The Wicked
A Scar For The Wicked: Born From The Grave (Offical Lyric Video)
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A Scar For The WickedDamn! That is about all I can start off this review with.  I haven’t heard a new band that I can say has instantly hooked me with their music for quite some time.  A Scar For The Wicked has completely blown me away.  I had never heard of this band until today when I got the chance to review their new EP  The Unholy.

Their new album is self released and it needs to be listened to by any fan of death metal, technical death metal, melodic death metal, and death core.  From the very first riff of the first song “Born From The Grave” you can just tell you are in for a face ripping album.  As soon as I heard the drums and guitar it immediately made me think of The Black Dahlia Murder.  As a big fan of The Black Dahlia Murder myself, this was a great sign. The vocals by Eric Forget and Adam Semlar reminded me of a cross between Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder and Jonny Davy of Job For A Cowboy.  Sometimes having two vocalists in a band can be challenging, but A Scar For The Wicked seems to have mastered that craft.

Every song on this album is a banger! I can just imagine the mosh pits that would break out during a live set of theirs.  With a high level of intensity, technicality and all around outstanding musicianship, I can say without a doubt that this album will be one of my favorites for the year.  The album is available for purchase on their Bandcamp page as well as iTunes.  A Scar For The Wicked is a band to keep an eye on.  With a very catchy sound, I can see them taking the metal scene by storm.


A Scar For The Wicked
AlbumThe Unholy (EP)
Label: Independent
GenreDeath Metal/ Death Core
Release DateJune 29, 2018

A Scar For The Wicked is:
Eric Forget : Vocals
Adam Semlar : Vocals and guitar
Joe Kenyeres : Guitar
James Nopper : Bass
Nick Rodgers : Drums

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