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Nala Sweden Rock Festival
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One of the things that’s special about Sweden Rock Festival is that they give a platform for upcoming Swedish bands. Through their partnership with NEMIS – New Music In Sweden, Sweden Rock Festival gives a number of bands a spot on stage to perform in front of upwards of 33,000 + fans attending each yearly festival. Fans who don’t only come from within Sweden’s borders, but many who come from far distances like South America, Australia, North America and many others from within the EU and other regions of the Nordic countries.

For these bands, it’s a chance to have worldwide recognition and to build a fanbase outside of their local areas when they haven’t toured further than a few towns away. Not only do they perform in front of large audiences, some the largest they’ve had the chance to play for, they also get to spend time at the festival meeting the fans and building amazing connections.

Each year when I attend the festival, I make a point to check out all of the local Swedish bands on the lineup. I check out a number of their shows and sit down and talk with as many as I can so that I can help them connect with readers outside of Sweden here in the USA and in other regions where we’ve got readers. This year was no different!

One of the bands I had a great time getting to know was the band Nala from Gothenburg.  This young band has been together for just about two years. They’ve got a release out on Spotify and videos out on YouTube. They’ve got this cool sound that’s a mix of old school psychedelic rock but with an updated rock sound. They can go from trippy in one track to slow and vulnerable in another one. One thing rings through in their music, it’s unique and fun to listen to.

I got to check out their live show and the fans came in large numbers to check them out and by the end of the set, Nala had won the crowd over. They are full of energy up on the stage, the band has a cohesive presence and their music is even better live! So I sat down with the entire band after their show to chat with them about who they are, their music and what they want listeners to find in their music.  This group is full of genuinely nice people, who are truly enjoying making their music. 

Check out the interview below and get to know Nala, then check out the video we’ve laughed about in the interview to get a taste of their sound.

You can check out the live Nala photos from Sweden Rock here.

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