Das Mörtal Trances Seattle’s Highline Bar

Das Mörtal
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Montréal, Québec artist Das Mörtal made his way to Seattle to perform a show at the Highline Bar with opening support from Seattle’s Shades Triangle and Wolftron

With the classic feel of the new wave of the 80’s, the night of techno synthwave music shot me straight back to my teen years when new wave was in full thrust and you could get lost in trance at numerous dance clubs around Seattle like Skoochies, The Monastery and a few smaller clubs scattered up and down Broadway on Capitol Hill. If you grew up in Seattle during that time, you will instantly know what I am talking about and the exact feel of Das Mörtal‘s music.

While not the complete 80’s new wave sound, it is very close but with an updated house techno feel blended heavily throughout the beat of the music. Das Mörtal released Always Loved in 2017. The album is full of beautiful music that anyone who enjoys house techno or synth music will be able to fall into. There’s more instrumentation than vocals, while the rare vocals do appear, the main focus is the blending of the music. And although Cristóbal Cortes stands alone on the stage, his music is much bigger than just his solo presence.

Fans were watching, listening and dancing to the music throughout the evening. At times it felt hypnotic and trance like as you could feel the music taking over every space in the room. Das Mörtal was completely focused on his art of music mastery in front of the fans while also being lost in the music and moving and throwing his head back from time to time while his hair glowed in the ambient lighting.

This was a great night out, I would highly recommend for music lovers to check out Always Loved and check out Das Mörtal live if you get the opportunity.

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You can find Das Mörtal Online here: https://dasmortal.bandcamp.com

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