John Corabi Rocks Solo & Acoustic at Rochaus

March 18, 2018 - Rochaus, West Dundee, IL

John Corabi
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Review and photos by Bradley Todd.

John Corabi likes to rock. He also likes to tell stories. He’s had a long career rocking, in bands such as The Scream, Motley Crue, Union, and currently in The Dead Daisies. And that longstanding career has given him lots of material for his stories. Corabi‘s fans were treated to a good helping of the rock and the stories, when he recently performed on March 18, 2018 at Rochaus in West Dundee.

The rock was somewhat muted compared to how Corabi usually delivers it, with the full force of an electric band and drummer behind him, as this performance was solo and acoustic. But the passionate delivery was just the same, and the lowered volume allowed for Corabi‘s gritty, but soulful voice to ring out, reverberate off the exposed brick walls of the beautiful and classy Rochaus venue, and be the star of the show.

And when he wasn’t pouring his heart into the music, he had his stories. Lots of stories… all very funny too. He delivered the stories with equal parts dry wit, and self-deprecating humor, commanding the audience’s attention like an experienced stand-up comedian. Listening to Corabi talk is, dare I say, just as enjoyable as hearing him sing.

But sing he did – songs spanning his entire career… and even some favorite cover songs thrown in for good measure. Aerosmith’s Seasons of Wither was my favorite cover, and it coincided with Corabi‘s most riotous story of the evening involving meeting Steven Tyler at a recording studio during his stint in Motley Crue. I won’t give away the story or the humor, but trust me that it, along with Corabi‘s delivery, is a doozy.

John Corabi‘s solo acoustic dates were limited, but if you missed one he’ll be back out on the road soon fronting The Dead Daisies, who have a new album, Burn It Down, coming out very soon and many tour dates in support (Corabi indicates that North American dates are being scheduled for late summer).


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